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Mega Fighting Combat Tournament (known in Japan as Go! Super Osu Hentai Power Battle Mega Fighter) is another generic fighting game series churned out by a mass-producing company called Ebay. It has the largest roster of characters out of any fighting game, with over four and a half million playable characters when all unlocked, though over 99.9% of these hidden characters have yet to be discovered.

It features a fantastic roster of characters who try to save the world by entering an unofficial (and probably illegal) fighting tournament against the villains who could've destroyed the world anyway but foolishly offer their foes the chance to stop them by letting them slaughter their mercenaries time after time.

Mega Fighting Combat Tournament[edit]

The first game follows Long Tung Lik, a fighter who has spent many years in training with a monk to improve his fighting skills for this tournament, despite it having only just been announced. Joined by generic sidekicks Dave Moviestar and Katy Jackman (nice ass, by the way), he enters the tournament and stops the evil sorcerer Shull Tsang from carrying out his evil deeds, then they all go home, have a cup of tea and a sit down, feet up in front of the telly I suppose. Then they go to bed, wake up the following morning to go to work, where its another run-of-the-mill day in the office with a ton of papers to get through as well as several cups of coffee, but at least when they're done they can head out to that nice new restaurant they've been wanting to try out recently. The food was actually quite nice, with Dave ordering the chicken tikka as usual since everyone knows he's a bit of a curry nut, Long ordering a variety of exotic noodle flavours and Katy sticking to a strict regime of lettuce and sour cream with a glass of diet water. All in all, they have a bit of a laugh, and decide to get back home where Long and Dave are in time for the match. Katy grumbles on about how Men think about nothing but football and goes upstairs to watch a shopping channel on the other telly. Little do the guys know that she's stolen the batteries from the remote, so they're stuck watching a Neo-Latvian satarical comedy channel as Katy smiles to herself. After another long day, they all head off to bed once again for a good night's sleep, only to wake up the next morning for the events of the second game to occur.

Mega Fighting Combat Tournament II[edit]

The second game is more or less the same as the first, with ten more characters added to the roster, but the game continues to focus on Long, Dave and Katy as they tangle with Shull Tsang once again as he attempts his new plan to take over the world with the help of Empress Nakhpet's Legion, this time forming an alliance with rival sorcerer Baldie only for them to end up fighting each other. This distraction allows the heroes to defeat them once more and rejoice as Shull Tsang has once again been defeated for good. Or has he? Quite frankly, no-one cares.

All the other characters have endings too, but they are non-canon so are completely irrelevant to the storyline, and no-ones bothered to play the game long enough to find out what they are.

Main Characters[edit]

Long Tung Lik - Martial arts hero with a squeaky voice.

Dave Moviestar - Former movie icon looking to return to fame by fighting people.

Katy Jackman - Attractive female lead with skimpy outfit and a boring name.

Jeffery "Big Jeff" Vasquez - Token black guy. Is a champion boxer.

Scorch - Red-clothed ninja with amazing fire attacks.

Norbert - Blue-clothed fighting ninja who happens to look just like Scorch.

Horse - Semi-generic anthro fighter whose name is the same as his species.

Miki - Random anime girl for the fanservice.

Pezzer - Obligatory joke character (Banana with arms and legs).

Wong An-Sah - 95 year old monk who taught Long, but still enters himself anyway.

Kreep - Mysterious masked underling of Shull Tsang. Little is known about him.

Cop McScotland - The military/forces/police dude that no one likes.

Ding Dong - Main character’s even more annoying rival.

Minerva Drinkblood - Evil, seductive vampire girl.

Baldie - Evil slaphead wizard who rivals with Shull Tsang.

Green Norbert - More or less the same as Norbert, but in a green outfit.

The Lump - Giant mafia guy with a dodgy nickname.

Mercenary - Generic extra with no significance or backstory.

Shull Tsang - The main boss, evil sorcerer bad guy who wants to destroy the world.

Nool Desaib - Super secret character, but just the three ninja guys without special moves.

Frank - The usual huge, unplayable monster at the end who is impossible to defeat.

Known Unlockable Characters[edit]

Alex - A fun loving teenage male.

Sara - A fun loving teenage female.

CU-L8R - Robot who copies the movelist of other characters.

Mandy Jackman - Younger sister and bitter rival of Katy.

Ali - Ethnic bloke who travels from a distant land.

Ogilvy - Pro golf player who has mastered the art of golfing.

Tiral - Female echidna from Sonic and end boss, but made entirely of metal.

Smatijove - Malaysian Fighter who gets superhuman strength from jam & bread.

Luuna - Scantily clad dark ninja girl, only seen at night.

Darth Darth - Sith warrior who accidentally filled in the wrong box on his Sith application form.

Nanak - Afghan world darts champion who can spontaneously combust.

Osiris Nakhpet - Egyptian empress of pain.

The Icequeen - She's bloody cold.

Kianna Ford - a.k.a Princess of Knightress.

Joe Hayano - Ninja assasin from nowhere. (actually from Birmingham, UK)

Shari Minx Mixer - Deadly schoolgirl with skirt so short it's probably illegal.

Mendez - Living art of vampires.

Sumigari - Japanese samurai who brings a sword to a fistfight, but isn't disqualified.

There are rumours that the 3,990,000 or so other characters will be available via downloads, microtransactions, elaborate cheat codes, impossibly difficult missions and all the other usual methods.

But Frank will still not be playable, which is crap.

Criticism & Controversy[edit]

Mega Fighting Combat Tounament received a mixed reception, with positive reviews from Japanese publications claiming "It's super battle!" and "Long Tung Chopping Attack! HYYAAAAH!". However, in America and Europe it has received widely negative reviews across the mation, with reviews claiming it's a "Mega Disaster" and "Long Tung Lik? Long and tedious, more like." as well as other crappy sarcastic witticisms. It has also caused controversy for being a so-called "violent video game" and a number of disgruntled sad acts with nothing better to do with their time have called for the game to be banned and have tried threatening the company with countless lawsuits because of the amount of violence, even though the game contains no blood or gore. Ebay has replied to this accusation of violence in a game by saying "time and time again, we have assured people that there, in fact, absolutely no violins in this game at all." The case continues.

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