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Mega Man 6

Mega Man is now a middle-aged man and cares a shit about the safety of the world. Dr. Light has now a flourishing relationship with Dr. Wily, and they're living in a small village in Sweden. Mega Man had an argument with his hot-headed, dumb-as-a-cardboard-box brother Proto Man and so Proto Man started making trouble in the city. Proto Man convinced Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to help him against Mega Man and so these masterminds combined their brains to create 8 of the most vicious robots ever!

8 Robot Masters[edit]

The 8 robot masters in the Mega Man VI are:

  • Bald Man
    Bald Man

A Robot Master who uses the power of his bald head to blind his foes. He can also shoot energy rays from his glasses.

  • Weapon To Gain: Bald Flash, the enemy in the area will be blinded so that they can't see you in a while.

  • Abuse Man
    Abuse Man

A hideous Robot Master who abuses children infront of you so that you cannot move because of pure terror!

  • Weapon To Gain: Abuse Doll, a children doll witch Mega Man abuses to restore his health.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man

A Robot Master who wields the power of the bats. He summons bats to crap all over the place. The crap is venomous so it is dangerous to touch it.

  • Weapon To Gain: Bat Crapistol, you can shoot piles of bat-crap at the enemy. Very wide affection area.

  • Cone Man
    Cone Man

This Robot Master uses his verbal power to confuse and annoy the holy hell away from you. He uses his Cone Cannons to annihilate you.

  • Weapon To Gain: Cone Zone, creates a portal to the lower pits of Cone Zone, enemies are vacuumed in there.

  • Pac Man
    Pack Man

The strangest Robot Master, because it goes beserk every 256 battles it wins. It lobs pellets at its enemies and eats the enemy with the pellet.

  • Weapon To Gain: Pac Eater, which empowers Mega Man to eat any enemy that looks close to blue. You eat dots to restore energy power.

  • Bean Man
    Bean Man

A Robot Master hailing from Britain. He usually amuses foes with his antics, then uses his stuffed toy bear to launch its 100009 cutlasses at Mega Man.

  • Weapon To Gain: Teddy Soldier Creates a teddy bear that decimates every enemy on-screen, but can only be used once per game cartridge, unless the special code is activated (Press Up when Mega Man is standing still)

  • Saiya Man
    Saiya Man

A Robot Master who thinks he's cool. Actually he's not. He's more of a fool, but still a pretty strong enemy. He does instantly a few stupid poses to power-up and attacks berserkly. When he's near death, he transforms into Super Saiyan and becomes ballistic. And if you still piss him off, he will do fusion with Chuck Norris to become unbeatable. He may also call his father Goku like a cowardly little baby to transform into Gogeta Super Saiyan 4. Hi's weak spot is the long power-charging times that takes almost 4-episodes(!?!?) to finnish!

  • Poser Man
    Poser Man

Poser Man was an poser emo Robot Master. The Sayia Fuse killed him, by turning him into Panic at the Disco's roadie. He died from an overjoyed heart attack.

  • Weapon to Gain: Emo Posing, Pose as an emo and makes enemy die for unknown reasons.

  • He Man
    He Man

A Robot Master who looks kind of gay. Has no shirt on and uses title Master of the Universe. He can hit with a sword...

  • Weapon To Gain: He Lo, Mega Man get's a penis 5 meter long. It can be used to stab enemies in the way, or you can stick it in holes in the walls so you can climb up. An essential tool for working your way to secret rooms.

After beating the Robot Masters[edit]

  • Mega Man attacks the final level Snoppepalatsen, which is a cottage in a Swedish village.
  • Dr. Wily and Dr. Light are having some oral pleasures at the final stage of the Snoppepalatsen.
  • Mega Man fights three swedish fishers.
  • Mega Man gets to the next stage.
  • Mega Man beats a plate of swedish meat balls.
  • Mega Man gets to the next stage.
  • Mega Man gets frustrated.
  • Mega Man takes a break.
  • Mega Man finds out that Dr. Wily is his father's uncle's sister's asslicker.
  • Mega Man solves a jiggsaw puzzle.
  • Mega Man uses the weapon Abuse Doll just for pure entertainment... He's sick, you know!
  • Mega Man goes home.
  • Mega Man takes a shit.
  • Mega Man goes to sleep.
  • Mega Man wakes up.
  • Mega Man eats cereals.
  • Mega Man fucks himself.
  • Mega Man goes to a Martin Lawrence film festival.

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