Mega Man XXV

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The Game's Box Art

Mega Man XXV (25) is the 25th game in the famous Mega Man series. It was released in Japan in 56 BC by Capcom.


A new evil genius named Dr. Gayman is attacking the city using Dr. Wily's usual formula of doom a week after Dr. Wily's last mysterious disappearence. It couldn't be Dr. Wily since he disappeared, right?

Clockwise (starting at upper right): PETA Man, Gay Man, Aqua Man, Black Man, Corn Man, Hang Man, Italian Man, Nerdy Man

Robot Masters[edit]

  • Gay Man - Gay Man is the weakest, and most effeminate robot master, so he only takes 3 hits to defeat with normal plasma shots. On his last unit of health, his sex partner joins the battle only to start attempting to rape you. He gains health if you shoot him from behind.
  • Black Man - A robot straight from da west side! Black Man shoots first and asks questions later. His stage is full of his very own hoe-bots, and he won't let you take one and get away!
  • Nerdy Man - Nerdy Man only ever plays Zork, but he has learned a secret cheat code that allows him to fire electrical charges from his computer.
  • PETA Man - PETA Man takes great pride in his love for vegetables, and he creates a shield of bloody animal skins as a weapon, then he flings it at you.
  • Italian Man - The most violent of the eight. He fires meatballs and spaghetti at you, then while you're stuck in the mess, he takes his mafia pistol and shoots you in the face.
  • Hang Man - The famous children's game has been converted into A ROBOT. This depressed cyborg being often kills himself as soon as you enter the room, so he's a piece of cake.
  • Corn Man - A redneck robot with a hankerin' for CORN! He shoots streams of flammable CORN OIL, which will burn you, so watch out!
  • Aqua Man - Yes, the superhero Aqua Man has tried to find a home in this video game. The easy way to kill him is to just stand there until he drowns, thus you will acquire his weapon.

The Final Stages[edit]

You must fight through 4 stages of Dr. Gayman's fortress when Dr. Wily reveals HE was behind it, so you must fight through 4 stages when Dr. Wily turns out to be BASS in disguise, who also has HIS OWN fortress, so you play through 4 more stages of Bass's fortress, when it turned out it was DR. WILY all along, so you must fight your way through 4 stages of Dr. Wily's spaceship, when it turns out Dr. Wily was really an ALIEN with HIS OWN FORTRESS IN SPACE, so after 10 more levels the alien dies only to reveal DR. WILY was just an alien in disguise. Megaman fights Dr. Wily's next bigass robot again and somehow destroys his fortress. Mega Man suffocates in space because he really has no way to get back home. Which is weird because he's a robot.

Mega Man's Buffet of Spicy Foods, The Weapons in the Game


  • Rocket Dildo - An explosive dildo that can break some walls. Please note that using this weapon on Gay Man gives him full health.
  • Black Power - Mega Man can use pickets and protest against racism. This doesn't really do anything, but it made the blacks happy.
  • Electric Charge - A computer-generated beam of electricity that shocks the opponent.
  • Skin Shield - A PETA-related weapon in which Mega Man wears a rotating shield of bloody fur skins, which he flings at all carnivorous foes.
  • Mafia Pistol - Yeah! Mega Man packs some REAL power with this weapon.
  • Corn Grenade - A cob of corn which explodes when it hits the ground.
  • Nothing - This weapon does absolutely NOTHING.

Support Items[edit]

  • Rush Coil - Rush turns into a trampoline.
  • Rush Jet (Black Man) - Rush turns into a jet, but you can't even use him in this installment.
  • Rush Marine (Aqua Man) - Rush turns into a submarine, sadly the only water in the game is in Aqua Man's level.
  • Rush Problem (Italian Man) - Rush kills your family, rapes your parents, eats all powerups in the game, and then commits suicide in a fit of depression.
  • BEAT support - regenerate in the exact place you died with the same enemies attacking you.

The GameBoy Version (Megaman VI)[edit]

The game boy version only has 8 stages; 4 of the robot master stages (Gay Man, Black Man, Hang Man, and Italian Man) and 4 of the fortress stages. Then the cartridge explodes.

Game Screenshots[edit]

Gay Man's Stage (A section in which the gaybots are protesting for equal rights) Hang Man's Stage (A section in which you are in Hang Man's basement about to put an Emobot out of his misery)

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