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The internet is full of Porn.

A Megabyte is a unit of measurement for an amount of information, though gigabytes are far better (therefore, the rest of this article will go in-depth concerning gigabytes, as megabytes suck and shouldn't be talked about, sort of like where babies come from). A megabyte is technically 220, or 1048576, bytes, but hard drive manufacturers like to gip you and make it mean 1000000 bytes so they can take your money. A megabyte is the RAM requirement and hard disk storage requirement of the CD burning program Nero (oops, I meant gigabyte). Moreover, a megabyte is enough space in which to detail how to build a nuclear bomb.


With the arrival of high speed links it become obviously remarkable that there was a lack of a measurement unit for the main reason internet was created: pornography.

For that purpose was invented the mega, Mega, or Megabyte, or megaByte, or simply Mega Byte. It became so popular that substituted the original measurement unit of information: the Porn.

So, a megabyte, or Mega Byte become to denote precisely about 0.17 minutes of porn video in a pornographic movie (700 Megabytes for a typical 120 minutes pornographic movie). Or about 100 porno pics of low quality.

Previously, there existed a measurement unit for information, named Kilobyte with 500 Kilobytes in a porno picture. However, it was just too small to express the size of a common pornographic movie and become obsolete right after the creation of xtube.

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