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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Megapintos.

A Megapinto is a unit of power that is usually seen in its abbreviated form of "MP". It is commonly used to find the explosive nature of cars, people, Jesii, and anything at all.

Measuring Megapintos[edit]

The Ford Pinto is the gold standard of Megapintos

The accepted way to check an object for its megapintosomy is as thus:

  • The object first must be at rest.
  • Upon assurance that the object is at rest the brave tester shall approach the object from behind.
  • As carefully as possible the tester will lightly tap the object.
  • Megapintosomy is then measured by seeing how far the tester's body is flung from the tattered remains of the object. [100 meters = 1 megapinto]
  • If necessary, A funeral is held.

Many black people have lost their lives in their never ending pursuit in the measurement of megapintos. Lamenting rappers will often refer to the deaths of his comrades who died trying to tap that ass.

The Megapinto Standard[edit]

The Standard of the Megapinto is naturally the Pinto. However due to an inopportune bout of kitten huffing during the meeting, the Pinto was given the megapinto rating of 2.

Other uses of Megapintos[edit]

Megapintos have also long been in use in RPGS as to what the power of magical spells are. This however is not approved of by the original forefathers of the Megapinto, and an official call of "HACKS" has been laid down.