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current map of megaTexas
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flag of megaTexas
population of megaTexas 1950-present

megaTexas takes all the good parts of North America. No one is allowed in or out.

The capital of megaTexas is Central City, formerly known as Dallas.

The population of megaTexas and associated states was 298,884,666 in 2005.


The Department of Men in Black.
Know What's Good For You.

megaTexas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the planet Mars. Their Earth colony operates as a representative plutocracy with socialist and fascist elements. All resources and finances are owned by the Martians and disbursed through human representatives like the Men in Black and the Division of Process.

Ambassadors are dispatched from Mars to collect tribute and necessary funds from corporations and other citizens.

However, Ambassadors are often quite busy, and do not care to deal with Earthling problems on a terran time-schedule. For those who choose to interact with the government on a daily basis, a large bureaucracy has been made available.

The part of the government that is willing to interact with civilians has been divided, by Martian edict, into three branches;

megaTexas House of State. Division of Process Department of Men in Black

All three are under direct supervision of Martian authorities.

The Division of Process makes the earth more hospitable to Martians. They accomplish this in a staggering variety of ways. These range from heavy metal mining in former Utah, West Virginia, and Arizona, to the suppression of local unrest in Kentucky and Seattle, distribution of propaganda, reeducation of prisoners, improvement of the space program, and control and upkeep of all science cities. Their headquarters is in the Transcendental Congress Building of Central City, which has been under construction since 1967 and will never be finished. It is already the largest building in the northern hemisphere and has been convincingly linked to microearthquakes in the vicinity.

The megaTexas House of State has certain ceremonial powers of legislation and enforcement. They also share ceremonial control of the local citizens' police forces and constabulary (in places where such things exist).

Only "Republicans" and "Democrats" are eligible to hold office in the megaTexas House of State. These two political parties "control" the legislative process, and hold elections at irregular intervals to appoint or confirm certain representatives. Only citizens with a clean criminal record are allowed to vote. All voters are required by law to register. It may be necessary to produce identification at a polling place.

The Men in Black function as might an executive branch. They apply the law to citizens. They are not accountable to other branches of government.

There is no judicial branch. The process of review and appeal has been streamlined, and mostly eliminated. Laws, and the applications thereof, have been known to change with astonishing speed. It is possible (though unusual), for an Ambassador to change national human law in a day.


The Invasion of 1948[edit]

the death of Toronto
The Panama Canal is much easier to navigate now.

The Roswell Incident, on July 2nd, 1947, sparked a year of cascading human-Martian hostilities. After regrettable incidents, including a nuclear exchange near the Straits of Panama, it became obvious that terran forces were no match for advanced Martian technology. The remaining nations of Earth fortified themselves, and waited.

On July 2nd, 1948 Martian armed forces invaded North America in a blitzkrieg assault. The bloody three-day war was symbolized by the absolute destruction of Toronto, on July 3rd, 1948.

Earth forces had no choice but to surrender. The 50th Congress of the United States of America voted to concede to all Martian demands on July 4, 1948, and were transported to Mars to live in eternal bliss. July 4th has passed into tradition as a legally enforcable holiday; Occupation Day.

The Initial Occupation (1948-1949)[edit]

The disorganized period from 1948 to 1949, known as the Initial Occupation, has been characterized as anarchy, or as extremely fluid plutocracy. Isolated North American city-states, under various degrees of Martian control, waged lonely campaigns against starvation and crime. Legal and governmental systems could verge on feudalism. Infrastructure decayed, and infectious disease ran rampant. The Martians and favored human classes reorganized certain cities entirely; for example, the reorganized cities of Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Orlando, and Dallas became, respectively, Marsville, the Cloud Cities, Walt, and Central City. Other areas were almost completely neglected, like the Ohio River Valley, the Plains states, and the Rio Grande Valley, though of course the surrounding chaos affected them deeply.

Although starvation was narrowly avoided in those two years (population loss was limited to an estimated 20% of pre-invasion levels, and new Martian technology and techniques drove conscripted labor forces of the San Joaquin and Delaware River Valleys to greater heights of productivity than ever before), it was not enough. By the winter of 1949 it was obvious even to Martian eyes that the situation could not continue without political moderation. The Congress of megaTexas was called on April 21, 1950. A charter was drawn up and presented to the Martians, and Ambassador Xix was kind enough to sign it. The state of megaTexas was established.

Hawaii was removed from all maps at this time.

Transitional Occupations (1950s)[edit]

1957 -- Work begins on the Transkansan Canal. Beneficial public employment for all!
Megatexas, c. 2004

The all-new Great State of megaTexas was a huge hit, both in North America and overseas. The first president of megaTexas, Reverend Dannon, was a popular guest on evening talk shows and news programs. He gave the Occupation a smooth, friendly, human face. To this day a portrait of his face graces the One megaBuck bill.

The Martian car collection program (which had been running since immediately after Occupation Day) reached its zenith in 1950, before it was finally phased out in 1956. Most of the cars in the new state of megaTexas were nationalized and transported to collection centers near Marsville. It is estimated that as many as 80% of automotive resources were nationalized, but no accurate count was ever performed.

Despite the lack of cars, humans were required to work on repairing and improving the roads between towns. Using the last remaining bulldozers, primitive giant robots, and manual labor, the Interstate Highway System was begun in 1952 and substantially completed in less than ten years. Since, at the time, it was unknown what sort of vehicle would travel on the roads, the early roads are a wild hodgepodge of engineering and construction.

By 1952 normal services had resumed in at least 90% of megaTexas. But increasing unrest in border cities, especially economically essential extraTexan cities like Cleveland presaged trouble inside megaTexas itself. The Passport Riots broke out in the summer of 1955, and, unlike previous protests, resisted all normal efforts at pacification. Drastic measures were necessary. After the insurgent population was forced to rebuild or relocate from damaged neighborhoods, a more permanent solution was sought. The Department of Men in Black was established in direct response to the summer of '55, with Terran hero J. Edgar Hoover serving as head of the agency.

The Student Purges of 1956 were the first major success of many for the Department. Their track record at radical suppression and renormalization is nearly flawless.

Outside of megaTexas, things were also calming down. The close friendship between the Martian ambassadors and Russian leader Josef Stalin led to a remarkable degree of planetary stability, and the Martian harvest of Terran resources went very well. Local authorities began to improve the infrastructure so that materials and goods could be transported to Mars more quickly. Encouraged by the Martian, the era of large-scale construction works began.

Construction began on the Transkansan on September 2nd, 1957. It was meant to provide Central City with a suitable water supply and facilitate transportation. It was also the first major construction project to use giant robots, though the lion's share of the work was done manually, by political detainees.

The Transcultural canal was inaugurated, in Halflanta, two years after. By the end of the 50s hydroelectric dams and irrigation canals were springing up all across megaTexas, and the population was back to work. The benefits to the economy were immense, especially since prison labor was so cost-effective..

Buddy Holly and his backing band were kidnapped by aliens on the morning of February 3rd, 1959 and forced to play an intergalactic tour for two years. They returned much changed.

Since 1959 all infants have been tattooed with a nine-digit number in box-code format. This process is designed to be minimally painful.

1960s to present[edit]

1963 -- The first human being visits planet Krypton.

The sixties arrived as long-running tensions within the occupation arose and split the Martian Occupation into two factions, the Numbers Gang and the Baseball Gang. The difficulties began over redistribution of cultural artifacts from the few remaining museums, but gradually moved to the Science Cities and the space program. Several dramatic explosions and battles in the sky occurred in the 1960s, most notably above Science City One and Walt, but the names and numbers of the combatants were unknown. Although the details remain sketchy, it seems likely that the Numbers Gang prevailed.

The controversial Unification Board Directives were passed in 1960. The emergency measures, imposing stiff limits upon employment and earnings, were to remain in place for more than twenty years. After the Division of Process properly interpretated some minor passages, incandescent light bulbs were declared illegal in megaTexas, literally overnight, and were all replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs or destroyed by June 3rd, 1960.

As all this took place the short super-hero fad that had swept megaTexas all through the 1950s came to its peak with The Guard. Publicly sponsored by Ambassador Nyx, The Guard swore to fight crime in Central City and "cut evil to the root." Unfortunately, his super-powers had detrimental side effects that profoundly influenced his career. After his downfall and public suicide on November 11th, 1960 the superhero movement lost all momentum.

Widespread reports of UFOs hunting humans, though common for years, began to reach major news organs in 1961.

The Identity Relocation Act, on the books since 1950 but only observed since 1962, reinforced economic realities by assigning common food items less "controversial" names.

In 1966 a collection of city states in the Pacific Northwest coalesced into the Federated Republic of Seattle. megaTexas promptly invaded them.

Student protests against UFO hunting began in 1967. War with Seattle and uncontrollable Mothman sightings throughout the Ohio River Valley added to social disarray. Eventually megaTexan troops were dispatched to pacify parts of the Appalachians. Coal extraction proceeded without interruption.

The mental hospitalization system was liquidated in 1968. All suitable patients were shipped to the northern front to fight against the Federated Republic of Seattle. In October 1968 they invaded San Francisco, sacked it, and burned it to the ground.

Buddy Holly died in 1968, almost certainly of a heroin overdose.

The Seattle Soccer War demanded great sacrifices on the home front. All foods were rationed, yet proper nutrition was compulsory. For example, many citizens were legally required to eat an apple a day, but available orchards were unable to fill the demand. Civil disturbances had to be quieted in the most brutal ways.

In 1972 Commissioner Buckett was kidnapped by the Cheshire Front, during a bridge opening in Austin. He was held captive for six months, during which time he was apparently brainwashed into joining the group, taking the code name "Tony" and joining them in terrorist operations. The entire incident was thoroughly hushed up, especially the ransom demands and the details of Buckett's capture.

In 1973 the Outlaw Star Ordinance declared an embargo on all products from Japan, including ideas.

The Seattle Soccer War ended in 1975, after megaTexan forces inadvertently caused the Grand Coulee Disaster and utterly destroyed much of the territory they hoped to conquer. megaTexas, though utterly victorious in the war, chose to respect previous border arrangements, and only established garrisons on the Seattle coast.

1976 was a good year for television, when classic shows like The Muppet Show and Doctor Kent's Unexplored Areas debuted on mTXTV. Joe McCarthy also died this year, of lung cancer.

1979 Martians sucked most of Marsville (former Los Angeles) into the sky. The remaining areas were reorganized into the City of Industry.

In 1980 the jet pack was invented and outlawed. The copper penny was phased out, in favor of the copper-zinc penny. The first invisible agents were captured and executed in former Tennessee, beginning the War on Invisible.

Doctor Kent's famous journey up the Ohio River happened in 1981, though the unedited recordings were not released immediately.

The World's Fair was held in Knoxville in 1982.

Terrorists destroyed a glacier in former Montana with a nuclear bomb on October 31st, 1983. Environmental effects were transitory and generally survivable.

The Transkansan Canal was finally completed in 1984, at the cost of many thousands of lives.

Ayn Rand died of lung cancer in 1984. Stone Studios released a loving biopic of her later that year, "Ayn Rand Life," starring Candace Bergen.

1984 to 1999 can be seen here

In 1985 Freddy Mercury was found, captured, and executed.

Continuing instability in the northern regions culminated in the Propellerhead Revolution of 1988, and the megaTexan army was forced to occupy Montreal and Nontoronto in order to reinstate the ruling "Montreal Faction" of the Inuit Territories.

The Laredo Revolution occurred in 1991. Although contained successfully, it inspired local reform and reorganization. Political instability in the Rio Grande valley became so bad that it began to inconvenience tourists and government officials in Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Reynosa, and the former Ciudad Juarez. A series of high profile murders, questionable drug arrests, and corruption scandals did considerable damage to the economic base of the city-states of south central megaTexas, and independent militias replaced police forces for as long as a year.

The Northridge Nuclear Reservation was inadvertently created in 1994. Cancer and birth defects have skyrocketed in the area since.

There are unconfirmed rumors that an alien battle cruiser crashed in the wilderness of former Canada in 1999. This may have lead to the general unrest of the year, as a spate of antigovernmental protest broke out in certain cities in the fall and winter. Protestors were mostly concerned with the Buckett Deruralfication Plan. Demonstrations were thoroughly supressed.

The Buckett Deruralfication Plan came to its logical conclusion in 2000. Surplus rural population was relocated to the proper housing complexes, and redundant buildings were bulldozed or abandoned. Construction on Central Arcology began near Roswell.

It is forbidden by law to discuss the year 2001.

Mars reached its closest point to Earth on August 27th, 2003. The day was enforced with massive celebrations and spontaneous demonstrations of joy.

November 1st and 2nd, 2004, are illustrated here and here

March 26, 2007, marked the start of a siege on the Grand Republic of Cleveland. This military movement, known as Operation Ratkill, is currently ongoing.


Computer analysis of UFO footage from 2004.
A delicious beverage from Central megaTexas.

The economic system of megaTexas appears to be communist, since most labor, property, and land belongs to Mars. Goods are centrally produced in various distribution centers, stored, then distributed through bureaucratic channels. However, the black market thrives to such an extent that the situation chaotic and contains many capitalist elements. The black market is practiced from the highest to lowest levels of society, and constitutes an essentially separate but symbiotic economy.

megaTexas has no imports or exports. Martians control all sectors of the economy, but traditionally allow the terran government to operate in a vacuum. Martians have limited interest in consumer goods; they are interested in only three things; fast cars, Hollywood movies, and beautiful women. All other commodities are judged by the degree to which they affect the favored commodities.

The unofficial currency of megaTexas is the megaBuck, or mB. The average citizen has a monthly salary of $1,000 megaBucks, with which they must pay rent, insurance, and necessities. Higher salaries and alternate forms of earning are forbidden without special dispensation from the Ministry of Bank. Money is distributed by the Ministry of Bank, under the authority of the Division of Process.

The giant robot industry, once a reliable pillar of the economy in cities such as Los Angeles and Albuquerque, has fallen into disrepair over the last twenty years. Continual gasoline shortages make giant robots economically unfeasible for anything but military, sport, and extremely expensive construction purposes.


The law is there for your own protection.

All citizens of megaTexas are required to display proper identification at all times. There are many forms of identification, ranging from cards and badges to certain objects. Sunglasses, for example, are restricted to authorized personnel, and as such can indicate a certain authority. Weapons, such as ray guns or shotguns, or any vehicle manufactured by Ford, are considered proper identification.

Legal rights are optional and may be waived at any time, by either the government or the party of legal interest.

The government claims revenue by direct taxation of goods and services. Income and sales tax are unnecessary.

Radio communication is limited to authorized agencies. All civilian radio broadcasts are strictly forbidden. Television arrives in the home by cable. Only the Martians and the Men in Black may use radio. Pirate stations are triangulated from orbit and destroyed.

The borders of megaTexas are open to many citizens, so long as proper identification is displayed at all times while outside the country. The passport must be clearly visible on its plastic lanyard, and may not be removed at any time. It is waterproof and tear-resistant.

Air travel has been forbidden to nonMartians since 1948.

Firearms and rayguns are strictly restricted to government. Only Men in Black may carry rayguns.

Personal automobiles, though not forbidden, are subject to seizure and appropriation at any time. Many wheeled motor vehicles are seized by the Martians and transported to unknown locations every year. Most citizens of megaTexas make do with public transit, either by bus or train, or they ride bicycles. Pedicabs and scooters are also common, and electric motorcycles with sidecars are popular among the middle class. A single driver's license is sufficient for most forms of transportation. Special testing is necessary for bus drivers, taxi drivers, truckers, and chauffeurs.

Checkpoints along highways are not uncommon. You should not have any contraband when traveling through a checkpoint, or you may be seized by the Men in Black or local authorities and referred to the Division of Process for further justification.

The Men in Black oversee a number of political reeducation centers in and near mTX, where politically unstable citizens can voluntarily report to better themselves and serve their country. They also have a huge prison farm on the Moon, known as "Concentration Moon" or the “Lulag."

Gambling is perfectly legal. The stock market survived the megaTexan occupation by taking advantage of that loophole and merging with sports betting. It is common to bet on a corporation's economic performance.

The black market has completely infiltrated the economy, and coexists side-by-side with the legal market. Although street fairs are technically part of the black market, they are still common in nearly every megaTexas city. megaBucks are the accepted currency for illegal transactions as well.

Racism is not only illegal, but irrelevant. Martians don't care what color your carapace is.

Decimal time was instituted in 1948, but rescinded in 1950. This is an example of one of the very few Martian laws to ever change due to public opinion. All of megaTexas has been reprocessed into one time zone, and the time is now referred to as “Local Hour (Observed),” or “LH(O);” in military and MiB slang this abbreviates to Lee Harvey; “It’s fifteen Lee Harvey” means it’s three in the afternoon. Local authorities are forbidden to adjust the national time system, though this can lead to the sun rising after 1000 or setting at 1400LH(O) in some distant areas of the empire.


Stone Studios, Walt

Some historians date the name of "megaTexas" to 1912, when the term first appeared in the speculative works of J. E. Thrall> However, there is no doubt that its final adoption was due to the very precise terms that Martians use to describe human beings.

Culture in megaTexas has always been centrally distributed from approved sources. Citizens enjoy television sitcoms, and sports.

Dissemination of anti-Martian printed matter is marginalized, and and punished brutally but inconsistently.

Most news and cultural achievements, including the megaTexas Space Program, are produced and distributed by the Division of Process, in affiliation with Stone Studios and the City of Walt.

Stone Studios was founded in 1954 by Ayn Rand and Alex Raymond. Their political liason, Senator Joseph McCarthy, went on to be studio chief for twenty-one years. Stone Studios provided for most of the megaTexan government's propaganda needs, and their insistence on black-and-white photography kept color film in the background until the 1970s. Their operations are split equally between City of Industry, Walt, and Mars.

There are thirty-six channels on megaTexan TV (mTXTV). TV programs are only alowed to be broadcast in English or Martian. Humans cannot speak, understand, or perceive the Martian language. The Neverland Channel has been reserved exclusively for their use.

Sports are tremendously popular. There are four channels devoted to sports. Favorites include basketball, football, violentball, skateboarding, and doghunt. There are also big exhibition sports, like pro wrestling, giant robot racing, and multispecies football (with teams involving horses, dogs, humans, tigers, and bears).

One of the most popular shows on television is Angry Boy. Angy Boy destroys a different city somewhere in the world every episode, causing untold devastation and entertaining a tremendous audience.

Concentration Moon, a docucomedy about the lunar prison farms, enjoys a wide audience and several spinoffs.

Martha Stewart was inhabited by aliens while in prison. Her shows are banned from mTXTV.


Dinnertime in megaTexas

Martians and Men in Black have access to special restaurants and nourishment centers, of course.

For other citizens, there are a wide variety of dietary options.

Groceries are usually purchased at large chain food outlets like Fruitrate. A wait of two to three hours is common.

Some of the more popular fast food chains include Gastrique, Gnana, and Ba Da Dü. These restaurants serve Martian-approved menus at reasonable prices. The menu's are soy-based, with some meat product involved. Everyone drinks a soda called Ale-8, which comes in green glass bottles. It has ginger in it and it’s really good. They serve a lot of meat at Gnana, and deep-fried peaches and deep-fried candy bars. There’s also a cheap chicken chain called Itza Chicken.

One of the most popular brands of alcohol is megaTequila.

Outside megaTexas[edit]

The territory outside the State of megaTexas is not subject to megaTexan laws, and has been distributed to interested parties on a sliding scale of payment. Over the years of occupation, the outer territories have changed hands more than once.

Far to the north of megaTexas are the Inuit Territories. To the north and west lies the Federated Republic of Seattle and the Free States of Alaska. To the north and east are a fractured morass of city-states; the Cloud Cities, the Grand Republic of Cleveland, New York Cities and the illegal half of Halflanta. Nontoronto is north of that. To the south and east lie Los Espiritos Estadios, crowned by the slave-city of Walt.

Graphic Novels[edit]

True tales of megaTexas can be found here:

megaTexas book one


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