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This is an article about the webcomic named after the city of Megatokyo. You sex tourists might be looking for Megatokyo (city).

In 1968, Megatokyo (city) desperately needed some better press after the infamous Gothgate debacle. Fred Gallagher was a budding young illustrator willing to do hackwork after his company, Fredart, suffered a series of firebomb attacks by anti-hentai campaigners. The Megatokyo Orifice of Tourism decided to 'sex up' the image of the city and Megatokyo was created as a tourism campaign aimed at pervoid American Otaku.

The webcomic recreated Fred Gallagher as a young American sex tourist in the city of Megatokyo and Rodney Caston as technofetishist named 'Largo'. They meet a number of females and robots and deign to molest them, this has made the strip quite popular amongst perverts. The inclusion of a robot girl in the series, Ping, increased its popularity amongst American technofetishists to the point that a real doll designed to replicate Ping was a candidate in the 2004 American election and took place in an interview with Dan Rather. 'Ping-bot' for President was a failed experiment but it worryingly showed the nascent power of perverted American manga fans. I like pie.

A T-shirt available from the Megatokyo store that David Icke believes is evidence that Fred Gallagher is plotting with the reptillians!

The inclusion of a 'zilla' in the strip has caused controversy with leading conspiracy theorist David Icke claiming that the city of Megatokyo is merely using the webcomic as a front for the secret control application of the Judaic-Feminist-penchewing-Reptillian-Ilumminati. He has also claimed that Gallagher's frequent use of the animal denotes an illicit desire for perverse carnality with lizardkind. Gallagher has never denied this claim.

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