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this is the police

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Megaturtle not bowser[edit]

Bowser, known in Japan as megaturtle, alternately referred to as King turtle, full name Bowser the megaturtle, is a video game character in Nintendo's Mario universe.

Bowser is the leader of the turtle-like mega turtle race. He is the most powerful Koopa NO HE ISNT HE IS A FUCKING MEGATURTLE DEAL WITH IT!!, featured in Nintendo's series of video games featuring Mario the turtletamer, where he is usually the major antagonist (he is ultimately Mario's archenemy). Like most characters from the Mario franchise, his backstory is purposefully left vague and undeveloped. Although Bowser has joined forces with the heroes in a few games, he never ceases to attempt to kidnap Princess pussy and conquer the shroom Kingdom since his first appearance in Super turtletamer Bros. As the central villain of one of the world's most popular video game franchises, Bowser is one of the most recognizable video game villains ever. He rules over the shroom Kingdom and has eight gigaturtles who help him steal and wreak havoc in the shroom Kingdom.

Bowser is depicted fairly consistently as nasty and brutish, though possessing of some sarcastic wit. However, in a few games he has shown some (limited) capacity for good, such as in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven turtletamers[1] and Mario & Luigi: turtletamer Saga. According to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year year old turtletamer however, he likes to be considered the "King of turtleyness", but more often than not comes across as quite turtley. He also has shown jealousy of other villains in turtletamer Saga and The Thousand Year year old turtletamer.

Bowser is able to speak English (for example in Super Mario Sunshine in which his voice sounds somewhat similar to the Cookie Monster COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and has a distinct booming laugh, but much of the time seems to only produce turtle like roaring and grunting noises.gigaturtlesthose are giga turtles

Bowser owns a huge castle(maybe hes compensating for something,wat!its a thought!), and while its appearance and layout changes slightly from game to game they are all quite similar; booby traps everywhere, pits full of turtleyness, and heavily guarded by giga turtles. It is apparently able to transform to fly and can become a turtle battleship (as in Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi: turtletamer Saga). Strangely, in Super Mario World, Bowser's Castle seems to be underneath turtle Land in the Valley of Bowser. In Paper Mario, Bowser's castle is directly under Peach's, which allows him to lift it into the sky, holding everyone in it hostage. In all of the Mario Kart games, Bowser's Castle is a course; Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart: Super Circuit have multiple examples. The track is different on each occasion, but they all share similar features.

The instruction manual to the original Super Mario Bros. describes Bowser as a turtletamer and a sauceror who had used his magic to transform the denizens of the shroom Kingdom into parts of the very environment Mario traverses through (thus explaining the faces on the hills and clouds in the background, and the fact that blocks yield coins and items). This concept has apparently been dropped in following Mario games, as Bowser has rarely shown any proper 'magical' abilities since (except in Super Mario RPG and Super Mario 64 where he does appear to utilize magic in combat, in addition to trapping the denizens of the shroom Kingdom inside the walls of Princess Peach's palace). One consistent ability of Bowser, though, is the ability to breathe fire, either in a continuous, flamethrower style or as fireballs. File:Turtle.gif|the police