Melodic Death Metal

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Melodic Death Metal by definition is a combination of three words central to the music.

1. Melodic meaning to sound soft or ghey.

2. Death being the act of killing while playing the music, this is done most successfully with swords or axes and is also central to Viking or Folk metal. Another method of inducing this is with death scales that sound so bad they can physically destroy the hearers life and soul. One such culprit of performing this is Kerry King from the Shit Metal group Slayer.

3. The term metal has many meanings in the music, it can mean the use of metal speakers or guitars, but usually stands for the reason that people who listen to metal have sold their soul to Satan. In return receiving a metal soul which is very bulky and heavy. It is usually located in the heart but can also be found in the head, determining on how much the listener had payed satan. This has been found to corrode and leave the person empty and or a "skinny fuck". Heavy metal souls have a generally a higher density to just metal and therefore care should be taken while lifting. (Remember lift with the legs not the back)

This genre of metal music is represented by this formula: Music+(Melody+Metal)² x Death+√Brilliance

Norrdeth 15:34, 29 April 2007 (UTC)