Memorial Stadium

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Memorial Stadium.

Memorial Stadium is the third largest city in Nebraska on Saturdays during the fall. 81,000 fanatics gather to attend a religious ceremony that reveres Nebraska's God Tom Osborne.

Before the Worship, the Huskers gather outside the stadium and grill out and drink beer, and watch videos from the past teams, and converse among other Huskers.

Although the activities inside the stadium are not known, scholars believe that they clap and praise movies that show their army crushing the enemy. Fans gorge themselves on holy food, known as runzas. However the most holy of foods is the "red dyed hotdog", or the Fairbury. Analysts are not sure why the "Children of the Corn" eat it.

The stadium was recently added on to, so it could seat the growing number of Husker Children. Those of the upper class enjoy overpriced seat for "air conditioning".

Memorial stadium pic.jpg

It is believed that the Children of the Corn buy seats to fit onto their stands to protect themselves from the Super Worshippers, who tead to be very round. It is also believed that 1 in 3 "Worshippers" is dangerously overweight, and eats way too much food. It is known that the worshippers repent their sins by drink a beer, they tend to have more then 2, and sometimes it is has red in it.

The Official God of Nebraska