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First discovered by David Starkey in 1864 behind the back of the King Alfred, Tottenham Court Road, London while he was searching for his time machine, this drug was used extensively across America and Iraq throughout 1991 in an effort to stop Saddam Hussein from taking over peoples minds using a telephotochromaticpsychopotentialneurotransmitter. The CIA released 4000 gigatonnes of vapourised liquid mescaline into the atmosphere directly above San Fransisco as a trial run. Initially there were casualties due to a "slight miscalculation" on the quantity of liquid they were puting into the atmosphere, it rained mescaline for 3 days solid by which time approximately 15,000 newly converted hippies had drowned. Bush justified it to the rest of the American populus by pointing out that "they were all against the war anyway."
This resounding success led to more widespread uses after fears that Bob Dole had fallen victim to Sadam Hussains telephotochromaticpsychopotentialneurotransmitter, it was later acertained that he was in fact ok.

Famous Users[edit]

Everyone living in San Fransisco in 1991 (they all got massive contractual government subsidies to not open their mouths until 2058.)
Hunter S. Thompson the noted crack addict.
US Army and other people or dubious repute.
John Kerry who wass neerly teh President one time.
Steve Ballmer who nearly killed the President several times.
Johnny Depp who never dies.

People who never actually used the drug but got famous somehow despite this[edit]

Bob Dole.

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