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Mess was derived from the recursive acronym "Multi Environment Storage Solution", It is the handling of stuff acquired from one or many disparate sources in a way that optimizes access and placement for yourself. It is a extremely simple efficient storage management solution.


Through the 1970's people generally didn't have much stuff to manage but with the proliferation of fashion starting in the 1980's, the job of stuff management took on a new light. No long was the management of your stuff a simple job that could be performed by almost anyone. An understanding of the tidiness and the theory behind it became necessary, as stuff was being ever more stored via more complicated tidy means. By the late 1990's when useless stuff was regularly disseminated across multiple rooms, object managers found themselves tasked with increasingly complex tidiness task. Even with the latest tools available, stuff management soon became over whelming for the average person who began to suffer.


But in late 1980's it was a youthful Someone Else in his teenage years who unwittingly discover the solution. Although it wasn't labelled until Someone Else’s mother discover the technique and labeled it a MESS. Teenagers and children alike soon proliferated the technique, but the ruling classes (the parents) continued to instill in the masses of children around the world with tidy conviction and that their current suffering will lead to eventual happiness. Therefore as long as the children believed in tidiness, they would not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering.



The following table shows each Tidy hexadecimal digit along with the equivalent Messy four-digit binary sequence:

Tidy Mess
0 0000
1 0001
2 0010
3 0011


The advantages and disadvantages of being tidy or messy can be easily compared when viewed in a table.

Feature Tidy Messy
Time consuming
Allows the user to find stuff
Allows the user to hide stuff
Pisses off your parents
Confuses potential thieves
Easy to do

Minor Problems[edit]

While the mess system is highly effective some collateral damage usually occurs. Stuff may disappear and sometimes it can be damaged when trying to retrieve other stuff in the system. But collateral damage is a part of any storage system.