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Michael Logonoff (in russian and other Eastern Indo-Antarctican languages also Mihhail Lookongoof (MЙεa the Bear in old-cyrillic style) 18091898) was Russian merchant and poet. Since 1856 residing in USA, before that ruling France with his fellow companions Bichael the Anarchist Bakunin and Napolean MDCLXVI (also known as 1666). His personal life and novels are not very much known, but one can feel the real naturalistic scent, which is a real proof of true pre-naturalism on that time. During his life, Michael Logonoff met, for example, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Al Bundy and Walt the Withman. He also persuaded russians to sell Alaska to americans (for this got he great bribes from four USA's presidents, whose names are therefore classified).

Some of his immortal poems:[edit]

  • The real war and peace between emperor Luxembourg and Napolean MDCLXVI (after this was Leo Tolstoy's book made)
  • King Stephen's crown and other scary stories
  • Anna the Razor-nose (after Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, that actually means Anna the Coarse-nose and was originally written in Estonian language- this was Logonoff's payback to Tolstoy for stealing his War and Peace)
  • The true meaning of capitalism in anarchistic kingdom (as a fiercful attempt to compete with Karl Marx's hit masterpiece "The Capital")
  • Russian village and other really sad stories
  • How to log on and off when you are in Bill Gates's house or reading Bill of Rights with your illiterate horse (for this he won posthumourly Nobel Peace Prize in 1914 along with Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and Raimond Poincare of France)