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“He is a man.... tyre... fat thing I greatly admire.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Michelin Man

“In home country Kazakhstan, We hunt the most deadly creature. We's call him Michelin Man.”

~ Borat on Michelin Man

“You don't even want to know what he does to me at night.”

~ A Tire on Michelin Man

MM and his "spare tire" during his "spare time"

The Michelin Man is a bilingual Superhero whose mission is to take on the fat cats of the 5-star restaurant sector who rest on their laurels and drive Ferraris.

Superhero activities[edit]

MM is the editor-in-chief and chief food-tester for Michelin Tire's exclusive Guide Michelin restaurant guide. Over the years, MM has honed his imposing physique and palate for the better performance of said duties. The Enforcer, he has single-handedly killed and buried scores of would-be and established 5-star restaurants with his deadly-honest reviews. That's pretty powerful stuff for a two-dimensional Cartoon Character.

Early Life[edit]

Born the love child of Pavarati and a wet suit,

The Michelin Man as a child

the Michelin Man had a happy childhood after he fled Pavarati (tried to eat him) and joined the traveling circus.


Because of the caloric demands of his work, MM jogs regularly to keep his body round but not bulky (unlike his close friend, the Pillsbury Doughboy).

Personal Life[edit]

He lives with his wife, Michelle, in Washington USA. They have two children who both are contenders for 'The Next Michelin Man'. Michelin's personal wealth is said to be around the margin of $1000000 trillion, although he does spend an awfully large amount of this keeping up his appearance and staying alive.

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