Mick Fleetwood

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Mick Fleetwood is the son of British War Hero Mike Fleetwood and "Biddy" Brereton. He once wrote a book in which he told the story of British War Hero Mike Fleetwood's heroic actions in World War II, when he helped rescue many British sailors from one of Hitler's ships and helped fight off the German Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. He is engaged full-time in bringing honor and prestige to this already respectable family. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, telling dirty jokes, and entertaining people by dressing like a clown and dancing in silly ways while making weird faces. He also has occasionally enjoyed socializing with wide networks of acquaintances while discussing politics, music, the cinema, fine wines and liquers, and the latest news associated with other acquaintances, while engaging in various entertaining activities with them. He currently is busy planning a trip around the world in order to raise funds for his favorite charity; and is drawing up blueprints with a friend of his named Stephanie in order to give mutual acquaintance Lindsey "What Are You Looking at ME for?" Buckingham various cognitive and emotional challenges designed to help him grow as a person and spiritually.

His best friend in the world is one Jonathan McVie, of the Ealing McVies, who says that Mr. Fleetwood is "tolerable" company and sort of interesting to talk with sometimes.

His current total net assets are two sticks, and a drum.