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For those without comedic-tastes the Scientists at Wikipedia think they have an article on: Microscopic.

Microscopic is a term used to describe things that are small, tiny and generally little (such as Callums penis. OH wait! ive seen it before! it isnt THAT small) - it is often used by scientists and intelligent types to make them sound more important by using needlessly complicated words to describe something that is in essence simple. The term is not to be confused with Macroscopic - which is used to describe things that are really fricking huge - many microscopic things exist both in nature and in fiction but nobody cares as they are generally too small to be of any signifigance to a normal human being.

a microscopic view of your average viewer reading this article

Microscopic Places[edit]

Canada (also known as America Jr)




France (..nuff said)

Heaven (current population: 1)

Space (irony)

Micronesia (a real place - honest!)

Microscopic People[edit]

Tom Cruise (technically classed as Ultra-Microscopic - being one of the smallest known beings to exist)

Mini-Me (obvious joke is obvious)

Oompa Loompas (technically not microscopic but still creepy)

Smurfs (smurf you Papa Smurf)

Other Microscopic Things[edit]

The Average Attention-Span Of An American Youth

The Life-Span Of Your Average Red-Coat

Salary Of Your Average Teacher

Shooting Skills Of A Stormtrooper

Brain Of A Vandal

Opponents Of The Term[edit]

Opponents to the term microscopic have voiced their objections - often loudly - by stating it is misleading and confusing to the general public, instead they advocate for a removal of the word - preferring terms such as "small" "not that big" or "tiny" instead.

Supporters Of The Term[edit]

Despite opposition many supporters of the term microscopic point out that the word as it currently stands is not offensive or that confusing to people who are properly educated and state that replacing the word serves no purpose other than to cause unecessary censorship and conflict.