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It is a program that only stupid n00bs use. It is often used by people that use America Online on the NOT Apple Computers. It is a person.

Where did Microshaft Bob come from?[edit]

It's daddy is a stick man that leetle kiddies made in spanish class when they were bored.

It's daddy was really this doof named bob.

It's mommy was it's daddy's friends girlfriend's boyfriend's other girlfriend.

It's mommy was called mommy.

Microshaft Bob's road to today[edit]

It made too much poop when it was a baby, so he threw it at the burping rock in hopes that it would go to Satan. Instead, it went to second worst place, the land of Microsoft (owned by Satan Jr.). It was rumored that steave case was visiting at the time, and used the model of the ugly baby to create the AOL smileys. Satan Jr. decided to make it into a software that would cost lots of money for n00bs to the computers. It cost was determined by this math problem:


Who bought Bob?[edit]

Bill Gates Nobody - the stores thought it was ugly and far too smelly to be in their stores (ESPECIALLY At such a price).