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Microsoft StupidPoint.png
Microsoft StupidPoint

Maintainer: Microsoft
Stable release: Π
Preview release: Spoiled-Real-Hair Version 0.1
Percentage Of Users: 0%
OS: Microsoft Windows
License: Not Proprietary

Microsoft Mouse (commonly named Microsoft StupidPoint) are white mouses with Microsoft logo printed on it. Each Microsoft mouse uses Microsoft Real-Hair™ technology. They work perfectly on any versions of Microsoft Windows but not on any versions of Mac OS X.


Bill Gay with and without Microsoft Real-Hair™ technology.

32nd Feb. 2001, Bill Gay was walking on the street, with full of Microsoft monopolization mind. Suddenly, a woman screamed "AAAAAAAAA!", and he found there was a white mouse rushing. Then he thought, "Oh! I should monopolize the hardware market! Let me start a new technology, Real-Hair."

33rd Mar. 2001, Bill successfully made the first Microsoft Mouse in the world. He killed a real white mouse and put all components in it. He called it IntelliPoint.

However, because of the really-slow-response to the computer, many people in the world call it StupidPoint. Then Bill Gay forgot the name IntelliPoint and called StupidPoint also.


A wireless version of Microsoft Mouse.


The most common version. They are wired and weird optical mouses.


They are also optical mouses, using Bluetooth technology.


They AREN'T real mouses. But they move. HOT!!! ...But when you wake up in another day, it may disappear because it ran away.

Vista Original/Wireless[edit]

They are the original or wireless version with a Windows Vista Pearl logo which can be pressed on it.


They exist but they are invisible. HOT!!! ...Many buyers complained that they can't find the mouse.


in Windows Vista[edit]

It is really safe to use Microsoft Mouse with Windows Vista.

When you connect your mouse with Windows Vista, it will ask for your permission. This makes your computer safe from mouse viruses.

in Windows XP[edit]

The wizard protects you everything.

It will just stuck in this step to prevent infecting mouse viruses.

in Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT[edit]

The wizard won't let you install.

It just grayed out the next button.


“Microsoft Mouse feels comfortable.”

~ Microsoft on Microsoft Mouse

“What? Mine is better. The great news is that it doesn't support Mac OS X.”

~ Steve Jobs on Microsoft Mouse

“I love the reality of the mouse.”

~ Fans of Apple on Microsoft Mouse

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