Mikhail Botvinnik

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Mikhail Botvinnik
Botvinnik mikhail.jpg
Name of Office: Soviet Premier
Term of Office: 1917-1924
Predecessor: None
Successor: Tigran Petrosian
Date of Birth: 1800
Date of Death: 1924
Place of Death: Moscow, Russia
Profession: Politician
Political party: Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Mikhail Botvinnik was the 1st Soviet Premier, and founder of the USSR. He served a relatively short term as Premier, due to a gaping war injury that remained undiscovered until 1924.


His declining health was unexplanable by contemporary science. It was only discovered in 1924 that he was missing his entire left leg, which some historians speculate was the cause of his constant leanings to the left.

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Preceded by:
Magnanimous Russian Tsar
Soviet Premier
Succeeded by:
Tigran Petrosian