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Thought or Mind Control is the use of control to imitate thought.

The Basic Premise of Thought Control[edit]

Step 1: Fail to achieve thought. you already have.

Step 2: Control people through tried-and-failed methods you see on television, such as any of the following:

  • Tell them that if they do what you say they will become rich.
  • Buy them stuff.
  • Be mean to them.
  • Talk to their grandparents.
  • Other

Be careful with this step; you might fall into the trap of actually thinking.

Step 3: Keep your shirt on or not. Maintain no thought, while attempting to control the person.

As one can see, it's a relatively simple premise to follow. The goal with Thought Control is very cool.

Alternate step: Pray to the Ori and they will control their minds for you!!! Oh Ori hear my prayer...

Note: Thought Control can also be called God in some societies.

Examples of Thought Control[edit]

It is known that Delaware does not actually exist; it is merely a legal entity created for the purpose of giving tax breaks to large corporations. However, the government wants the public to believe that Delaware is a real place. The article on Delaware has excerpts from the diary of a subject of the Delaware Thought Control Project. You will read about Delaware. You will believe in Delaware. Delaware is a lovely place. Delaware reminds you of home. Delaware is your home. Come to Delaware.

Your mind is weak![edit]


Only complete faith in Yuri can protect you. Only total compliance will save the lives of you and your family. Empty your mind and submit to my will. The less you know, the better off you will be.

I am Yuri. Obey me.

Famous People Who Practice Thought Control[edit]