Ming the Merciless

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Ming the Merciless (January 12, 1908-September 5, 1670) was a time traveler and founder of N.E.R.F.

Mercy? You expect mercy from ME? Well, okay, I'm sorry!!

As a result of a freak accident involving fate and a drunk hick, Ming the Merciless began life the way most people finish it, Dead. It is well known that the name "Merciless" was only his Surname, and as it turns out how was rather a nice guy, if overly apologetic.

Ming merciless was, after a time, born to a woman; like most people in the world. It took a long time, about 9 months or so, but after the long wait was up he emerged in miniature form. When Merciless was finally born to Mrs. Barbra Merciless the world stood still for an infinitely small second before continuing as before.

Elected leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in the United Kingdom but defeated by pesky Flash Gordon in the following General Election and so returned to using more direct means of seeking power such as flitting about the Universe on Mongo and calling down storms, fire and brimstone on planets to test them, only to apologize later when confronted.

Ming's career ended abruptly when he encountered this guy who, in his kitten huffed state, told Ming he was "a total asshole". Ming was overwhelmed by self-conscious shame, and faded into near-obscurity after many apologies.

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