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The reason for the levelling of Hiroshima; to make space for this state of the art mobile observatory

Miniaturization (pronounced may-keet-smull-ah) was invented by the Chinese in 0000014 AD. Despite this it remained nothing more than heresy until the Japanese re-discovered the theories of Cholls Dah-Wein after the second world war (in 1962). This was shortly after the government had decided to reduce the size of Hiroshima and blame it on the Americans and would later become the driving force behind the 'Everything Smaller Now' act of 1845. It was decided by minitiaruizing whole cities, they would be impossible to destroy since no other war-mongering country would be able to find a whole city which could be hidden behind a grain of sand.

Since then, minotaurisation has been applied to every aspect of life in Japan. The Soh-nee (dah floor) corporation has a government-supported policy of making each generation of it's consumer electronics devices successively smaller. It is beliived that this will encourage the population as a whole to continue shrinking using a miniaturized theory of natural selection.



  • Invented by the Chinese in 0000014 A.D. (in the small hours).
  • Rediscovered by the Japanese in 1962.
  • Word shortened to Miniaturization in 1845 (from Miniaturizationologoranation).
  • Spell-checked and corrected to Miniaturisation for the English language in 1142.


There are many supporters of the on-going drive behind miniaturization and it is generally believed that they are all generals. Others supporters include Richard Hammond, diminutive British pop-star Rod Stewart and Danny De Vito who is the leading developer of mnitrizton technology in America.


There are also many critics of minization which include big people, BFG users, old people who are no longer able to use mobile phones due to the small fiddly buttons, awkward people, the French (who object to anything and frequently go on strike until the whole of Europe accepts their demands) and not forgetting the lesbians, ermm, I mean, the wives and girlfriends of Japanese men, who are quite honestly fed up with the constant efforts to reduce the size of their vibrators.


So far miniztion has successfully been applied to the polar ice-caps, Palestine, government budgets, IT spending, film and music revenues, interest in this article, Bonsai trees and demand for more reality TV shows.

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