Minister of laughter and monkfish

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“Who knew there was a minister for these queer things?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Laughter and Monkfish

A Minister of Laughter and Monkfish is a cabinet portfolio (position) which regulates the amount of comedic acts and fishy imports and exports in a nation. The minister hime/her/itself usually has a very important role in a cabinet. When cabinets first started appearing in the late 18th century, they were often called "Secretary of Monkfish" who were in charge of the entertainment and protein needs of a nation.


The history of this ministry is shady as most historians of this particular field have disappeared, although certain records (which have also disappeared) indicate that this important role of society dates back to Biblical times, although this was before the two departments were merged to save time and money. The reason the State Department of Monkfish exsisted was when Jesus fed the 5000, he had not considered the economical point of view of this. Subsequently fish prices plummeted and many (more than 5000) perished as share prices fell (See also Wall Street Crash of 1929) So this department was set up to ensure these terrible events were never repeated.

Other Things[edit]

The Laughter and Monkfish Ministry in some countries is a very important ministry, sometimes considered more important than the President. It is often assumed by the President if sadness is common for that nation (for example, no less than five Lunar Empires have held the Laughter and Monkfish Ministry during their Premiership). In many nations, it is the very strong convention that the monkyfish minister be a civilian to highlight civilian control over the fishery. In less democratic countries, the minister is often a goat with a hat. In the United States, the laughter minister has been called the Secretary of Laughter and Monkfish since 1947, when the once separate Departments of Monkfish and Ministry of Laughter were merged.

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