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Mink Game is a very complicated attitude or state of mind that scientists don't yet completely understand. Simply put, everyone has experienced Mink Game, and at one point or another this horrible phenomenon has affected all of us. The Oxford English Dictionary's definition of Mink Game is: (Verb)/(Adjective)- 1. An action which shows a lack of intelligence and or blackness. 2. A phrase used to describe a person who has said something stupid or lacking in blackness, class and or irrelevance. 3. An action that displays a lack of common sense.

Origin of Phrase[edit]

A typical teen whose Mink Game is actin' up.

Often used by rappers to insult friends or family, Mink Game, though an insult, also doubles as a red flag to another person. For example if you whisper to somebody that their Mink Game is acting up again hopefully that person will take the hint and shut up for the rest of the conversation or social setting. Based on the teachings of the Rapper's Bible everyone has a Mink Game and it's everyone's responsibility to Leave their Mink at home. The phrase was first coined by Exxon CEO Lee R. Raymond who said after the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William's Sound

Cquote1.png Animal activists hate me when they see me cause my Mink Game is so silly! Cquote2.png

Though Raymond was inebriated when he said the above quote, it became a hit all over the world as Mink Game became a phrase to describe somebody who had just said something along the lines of an ignoramus such as Raymond. Mink Game was first used in a rap song in 1990 when rapper Puff Daddy, while rapping, called fellow rapper Ice Cube out for saying at a party that he was no homo but he'd go to work on Matt Damon. He said in the song that Ice Cube's mink game was acting up and that he should've left it at home. This incident led to Ice Cube killing Puff Daddy which led to Puff Daddy's death. Since then Mink Game has become a casual phrase in our society.

Mink Game in the Media[edit]

Once MTV got a hold of Mink Game it was of course butchered by the terribly unfunny, supposedly hip show-hosts. They began to use Mink Game incessantly to describe such things as; Chingy and Garth Brooks collaboration, Lindsay Lohan's driving woes, Mariah Carey's lack of connection with the real world and anything George Bush said. In Da Hood Weekly black leader Al Sharpton wrote this

Cquote1.png Corn salad, Kentucky Fried, Louisiana, Diet Cola, Mashed Potatoes, white women, black women, Asian women, Don Cheadle, titties, Don Imus racist cracker, unite, revolution! The popular phrase Mink Game may be dead thanks to those stupid honkies down at MTV ruining once again another proud part of black culture...JAMONE! Cquote2.png

Mink Game became so overused that even preppy kids living in the suburbs of New Hampshire knew what Mink Game meant a warning sign for all black people. The black population had to think fast as some already felt the nail had been put in the coffin when Marilyn Manson used the phrase Mink Game to a police officer who pulled him over for going too slow in a school zone. Thus rappers boycotted use of the word Mink Game for two whole months and unlike the word Nigga it was for the most part taken out of white culture. It's sort of ironic how white people's mink game almost messed up mink game itself.

He should have left his mink at home.

How To:Leave your Mink at home[edit]

It's harder than it sounds, it requires a great deal of concentration and stamina. It's not as easy as leaving your dog at home or your underwear. Your Mink is a part of you and a part of everyone. How many times have you been at a party and you saw a girl with a nice rack walk by? If your mink game is actin' up you'll probably make minimal eye contact and possibly drool whilst staring at her twenty pound conversational pieces. When you do talk you'll say things like MMMMMM....Milk Jugs! Or perhaps like my friend did and say Girl I'd take you to Chinatown, Downtown and Poundtown! To which I replied with Your mink game dude! To aid leaving your mink at home it's best to leave any part of you that makes you a goon at home as well. Goons love to flaunt their mink game, don't be one of them. Your mink is best left hidden away in the attic somewhere so you can never be tempted to bring it out again as mink game can only lead to bad endings for you or someone else. If you see someone who is experiencing a Mink Game meltdown and they are unaware it's best to approach them and tell them Hey, why didn't you leave your mink at home bro? Hopefully they will see the errors in their ways and go home quickly to drop it off.

Typical reaction when one observes somebody's Mink Game actin' up.

Famous Incidents of Mink Game Actin' Up[edit]

  • P.Diddy and Bruce Willis become homeboys and then Bruce begins to dance at awards show. The country responded with letters urging him to leave his Mink at home next time.
  • Rosie O' Donnell gets angry at Donald Trump for being rich and shit.
  • Dick Cheney shoots his friend on a hunting trip thinking he's a quail.
  • The CW Network brings 7th Heaven back for another season after it already had it's series finale.
  • 2pac dies.
  • Sam Raimi director of Spider-Man despite not having the support of Kristen Dunst or Tobey McGuire decided to announce he's going to make 3 more Spidermans. His Mink Game is actin' a fool right now!
  • America re-elects Bush.
  • Native Americans don't kill off European settlers when they have the chance instead they decide to have a family fun picnic together.
  • Mink Game article makes it's debut on Uncyclopedia:VFH only to be swiftly voted Against due to lack of black people voting thus unable to understand the jokes.

Real Video Footage of Mink Game Meltdown[edit]