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Voopin der Maester, Lerdi Bork, bork, bork!

Eeengleesh vid de Sveeedeeesh acky-centy eees de moost hilariooos dialectas of de Eeengleeesh lengveeege. Eet ees ooonly reeally spooken in de Sweeden, bork bork, larg-a but also oompty coontry een de nord oof de Scoondinoovia.

Leeetle-knoon dialecta, bork bork, Eeengleeesh vid de Sveeedeeesh accentum woos made moost poopular vid de sooccessfool caree-a oof de Sveedeesh Chef in de 1970s doocumentary-a seriees foolloowing de Moopets, gloobal oontertainment sooperstars, bork bork.

Eengleesh vid de Sveeedeesh accentum ees alsoo spooken in de Noorfolk, bork bork. Ees moost similar vid de Eeengleesh vid de Dutch-a accentum, spooken in de nearby Nootherlands coontry.

Ees noot yet oon oof de oofeecial lengveeges oof de Oonooted Nootions, but ees eccepted es loongua froonca in de Uuruupean Uunioon.

One slap you get big chunks for stew two slaps on the butt and you get home fries in a second.

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Written in the style of The Swedish Chef from the Muppets

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