Miranda Cosgrove

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Part 1: What Happened[edit]

Nathan Kress, the Narrator: This is the story of an 18-year old obnoxious actress named Miranda Cosgrove. Though typical American her name was unusual due to her being a racially impure half-Asian, she did have an interesting story to tell...

(The narrator fades away to reveal Miranda Cosgrove sitting at the edge of a lake)

Miranda Cosgrove: Ah, what a beautiful day. I love sitting here at the edge of the lake...

(A large newt suddenly climbs out of the water and up near Miranda)

Miranda: Wow, I've never seen a creature like this! I'm going to take it home with me.

(The camera fades away to show Miranda at home in her room about to fall asleep. The large newt is in an open-top tank)

Miranda: I've had a hard day. First with those stupid girls, and then seeing all those guys around pregnant Jamie. I'm just glad to get some sleep.

???: Psst.

Miranda: Who's there?

Newtis Newfield

Newtis Newtfield: It's me, That newt you found at the edge of the lake, my name is Newtis Newtfield. Listen, could you take me out of this tank?

(Miranda walks over, then takes the newt out of its tank. She is wearing a bra and panties)

Newtis Newtfield: Could you do me a favor?

Miranda: What do you want?

Newti: Could I crawl into your belly?

Miranda: What? No! I don't want to be pregnant with a newt! My parents would kill me if they found out I was pregnant.

Newtis: Trust me. You won't look pregnant. Just let me get inside you.

Miranda: You promise it won't hurt and make me feel pregnant?

Newtis: I promise.

Miranda: And you promise that if I don't like you inside my belly, that you'll crawl out and leave me alone?

Newtis: I promise.

Miranda: Okay then.

Miranda Cosgrove right after Newtis Newtfield fully entered her.

(Miranda removes her panties, then sits back on her bed)

Miranda: Okay, here you go...

(Miranda picks up the newt and is about to shove it into her uterus when in stops her. It whispers something to her, then she puts it down right in front of her)

Newtis: Trust me, you'll enjoy this.

Miranda: I hope so.

(The newt begins to go into her belly. The newt keeps going in farther and farther, until its back legs are inside. She then rubs her pregnant belly, then puts her panties back on and goes to sleep)

Part 2: The Next Day[edit]

(Miranda Cosgrove begins to wake up)

Miranda: Wow. I had a weird dream that the newt I got from the river went inside me... (looks at her pregnant belly) Oh my gosh, it really did happen!

Newtis: (Speaks telepathically) Of course it did.

Miranda : You lied. You said I wouldn't look pregnant.

(Miranda's pregnant belly suddenly starts shrinking, until it barely looks like she's pregnant)

Newtis: There. Happy now?

Miranda: Thanks. So why did you have to do that?

Newtis: I needed a home, and the only home Newts live in are a human female's uterus.

Miranda: I understand, but why me?

Newtis: You were the closest female I could get to. Now I'd like you to do me another favor.

Miranda: Now what?

Newtis: Another female with a newt in her belly is renting a large condo down by the river for less then a dollar a year. I want you to move in with her, since she has a building right next to it.

Miranda: But why? I don't understand...

Newtis: You're old enough to move out on your own, right?

Miranda: Yes, but...

Newtis: Come on. There'll be a surprise for you.

Miranda: Okay then.

Part 3: The Move[edit]

(Miranda, in her car full of all her stuff, parks in front of the condo. She's greeted by a pregnant woman in a bikini, who helps get all her stuff out. The scene changes to her in her room, with her belly looking as pregnant as ever)

Miranda: So it's a retreat for women with belly-newts?

Newtis: Yeah. Now I'd like you to head to your room. Surprising how you and her managed to carry that stuff while pregnant.

Miranda: Yes it was. Now I'm gonna look in the mirror to see how pregnant I really am.

(Miranda heads to her room and looks in the mirror. She sees that her hair has changed from almost black to black, and she didn't dye it)

Miranda: What happened to me!?!?

Newtis: Me being in your belly has changed your hair to black. I personally think you look much better with it.

Miranda with her hair turned fully black by the belly-newt.

Miranda: Really? That's one of the kindest things anyone's said to me.

Newis: You're welcome. Now I'd like you to go sit down in the very natural-looking lake.

Miranda: Okay, just let me get my bikini on...

Newtis: No! (Jumps in her belly, Miranda falls onto her bed) When you're here behind closed doors, you don't go to the lake in a bikini. You go to it naked.

Miranda: Whatever you say. (Takes off clothes, but covers up her breasts)

Newtis: Okay, now let's go.

Part 4: The Edge of the Lake[edit]

(The camera shows Miranda sitting on her knees in the lake. The top of her breasts are covered with moss, and only her head and shoulders are above water)

Miranda: You know what? I'm starting to enjoy this. Remember how I didn't want to look pregnant before? Well now I want to look as pregnant at possible. How would you do that?

Newtis: Well... Okay then. Pat your belly once.

Miranda: Okay. (a ripple in the water shows her hand moved, and she displays a look of pain on her face as her belly gets bigger)

Newtis: Pat your belly again when you want me to stop growing. (She pats it again, and her belly stops growing) You're really getting the hang of this!

Miranda: Thanks! Now let's get a shower in. I want to get my sexy tan back. (Miranda stands up and walks off to her bathtub. She takes her bath, then heads out the door. She then heads to the tanning salon naked, and comes out as tan and sexy as ever. She heads to her room, and gets in her bed)

Miranda: You know, I thought being pregnant was painful and sad, but when you're pregnant with a newt, it actually feels wonderful.

Newtis: That's good. I have another surprise for you tomorrow.

Miranda: Really? I wonder what it'll be... (falls asleep)

Part 5: Some Final Adjustments[edit]

Miranda stretching after waking up. Note how she looks like a 100% hot Asian.

(Miranda wakes up, then looks into the mirror, seeing that she looks even more Oriental than usual, and her breasts are much bigger)

Miranda: Wow... I never realized how sexy being a pregnant Asian could be...

Newtis: That's good. Now I'd like you to do one last thing, and then you can do whatever you want, like relax in the lounge, talk with the other pregnant girls who've been turned into Asians, go to the lake, get a tan, take a shower, or have fun with me. I want you to head down to the lake.

Miranda: Okay. Listen, if you leave my belly, will I still be a sexy Oriental?

Newtis: No. I'm preset to change you back to your old appearance if I leave your belly. (Miranda and Newtis go down to the lake) Now I need you to give birth to me.

Miranda: But why? I like having you in my belly...

Miranda contemplating whether or not to give birth to Newtis Newtfield.

Newtis: I'm off to find another host, but don't worry. I've inserted a newt egg in your uterus. When you wake up tomorrow, you'll be sexy, pregnant, and completely Asian again.

Miranda: Well, okay then.

(Miranda lies down on her back at the edge of the lake, with only her head and her belly above water. She places both hands on her belly and begins to push down, forcing the newt out tail-first. The newt's tail begins to emerge from the water. The more of the newt she pushes out, the less Asian she becomes, until after pushing the hind legs out, she only looks half-Asian, like usual. She pushes the front legs out, and her hair changes from black to near black as her breasts get smaller. The newt finally comes out)

Miranda: It's sad to see you leave, but I guess you have to.

Newtis: I'll be back with a new host. I'll see you then.

Miranda: Okay then, bye. (Heads back to her room, takes a shower, then gets in bed) Wow, I already feel the newt growing inside me! (She begins to rub her belly, which is growing larger and larger) Oh yeah, that feels good. (She looks in the mirror, and sees that she's beginning to get her breasts, black hair, and Asian complexion back) I'm really gonna enjoy this new newt in my belly.

Newt: So how can I help you, since I grew up inside you?

Miranda: Can you get bigger, then smaller?

Newtis: Sure! (Miranda's belly begins to grow, then shrink, then grow, then shrink. This keeps repeating as Miranda massages her belly)

Miranda: Now I know how Jamie felt when she was becoming pregnant. (She keeps massaging her belly as it grows and shrinks) I'm gonna love living here with a newt in my belly...

Nathan Kress, the Narrator: And that was Miranda's story. She also said if I ever wanted to come over and see her pregnant as pregnant can be in a bikini, that I could, so I'm going to right now. Good night.

(the camera shows the narrator exiting with haste, then fades to the credits)