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The term misconception refers to any act of sexual intercourse in which conception does not occur, whether this is intentional or not. It is not to be confused with the terms abortion or miscarriage, as these refer to the unintentional and intentional post-conception terminations of pregnancy, respectively.

Causes of Misconception[edit]


EARTHMisconception is prevalent in many countries of the world. A recent study by Heckler & Koch (1989) showed that the vast majority (0.02%) of people surveyed had experienced unintentional misconception at some point in their lives.

One major cause of unintentional misconception is ignorance on the part of those who wish to conceive. In many cases, people have received a generally poor education and have not grasped the fundamental meaning of conception, let alone how to conceive. In a follow-up study by H&K (1984), a worrying 19% of Americans surveyed were under the impression that a "misconception" was to do with a belief in an abstract idea or internal thought, and nothing to do with conception at all.


Main article: Contraception

Intentional misconception, also referred to as an attempt to not be pregnant, is the practice of using contraception and other such devices in order to delay pregnancy until a later date. Some common forms of contraception are condoms, the pill, the coil, masturbation and infertility.


Condoms are the primary form of intentional misconception around the world. They can aid intentional misconception by preventing babies formed in the male from reaching the female. If a couple is planning to use this method of misconception, the woman should don the condom at least 20 minutes before intercourse in order to impede the course premature babies or "scouts" which will leave the male early in order to "up" their chances of being correctly conceived.

Avoiding Misconception[edit]

Those seeking to abnegate misconception (i.e. to repudiate conception) should keep themselves informed of current issues regarding the subject by regularly reading reliable and openly editable encyclopedia entries, whilst being careful to avoid parodies of these sites.

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The term misconception refers to any act of sexual intercourse in which conception does not occur