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Mississauga is located in Ontario, Canada. Mississauga was the first place god made and he was like damn that was a mistake. So they (the population of some inbred Canucks) will never have fun here. That is why we have so many battles (some kind of conflict) here. But man what a long ass name Mississauga Ontairo Canada you know its got to be a great place to live and if you are one of those people who think that you are wrong very very wrong. I have lived here for like 16 years and man it is not getting any better the only good thing is are long and bloody history. The only thing we got going here is the mall and maybe the lakeshore. Is a suburb of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. We have very little facts but man they are sweet facts.


  • The population is said to be about 750 004 thousand people , those four fucks that are stoping from being a clean numer DAMN YOU
  • The largest mall in ontario is situated in SQAURE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Its next door neighbours BROWN TOWN makes thee entire northern Mississauga smell like CURY. Also many of the towns people are ninjas. So if you come here You will see no one.
  • The seventh large city in Canada
  • Largest population of middle easterns and Asias in Canada
  • Mississauga is ALL of the GTA


The Great city Mississauga has a long and blood history and will continue to have such a history. During the 1337 when the Pirate-Ninja War the great people of mississauga gave a refuge for wounded ninjas some could say that mississauga changed the out come of this huge and on going battle. Mississauga is still a training ground for all ninjas across the world but we also train the most deadly Beavers. In the future mississauga will play a very important part in the Rock Wars of 2050.The Battle is The Great Mississauian Battle of APRIL 20th. The battle started in the night of april 19 when the great triple alliance paired with the beaver malita and thats were it all begain.