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There are some women on earth that earn a good salary. Their job is to punish naughty men! Men love naughty games and want to get spanked by women on his ass! The most unsuspicious businessman tells his wife "I'm home before dark". But in the middle of the night, he calls his wife and lies "I'm overtime on work", but in reality he is not working he is in a dungeon with a secret Mistress. Many businessman have a secret life and have two faces,one normal and the other strange. You know his wife cannot spank him, she is married with a 'perfect' husband, who is a good father to two children! Thats why he needs a Professional Mistress and goes after work to his Mistress and she must play games with him there in dungeon and he pays this women for it!

It's as if he is still mentally a child but as a grown up, men can not play with toys! In his mind he is always a child and wanna be dominate by a women or dream of his teacher out of his one's early youth! There are many human that have same sickly desire of BDSM. What is BDSM its a unhealthy sex lives when two adult have sex on strange way! Today in social women earn a good salary work as a Professional Mistress and have fun. She is at the top of the social and have many cliets out of business life than want be a submissive. Most businessmen come in contact on business relation with a women that is a mistress, she dominate him on office and after worktime!


Some men find it exciting to be kidnapped by two mistress as this improve his sex fantasy. He makes a plan that she must kidnap him in a location.The kidnapping will occur like this. Two women dress in PVC black Rubber Catsuit drive to a place where they have agreed on a plan. It's like a Secret Mission of CIA. The kidnapping will occur when she goes to a park garage and waits on him. Sometimes it may happen that she kidnaps the wrong person and make a mistake, sometimes other people call the police we see kidnapping and think that is real. What do a women with a imprison! She bring him on a safe place where she can torture him in a underground dungeon. What happen with a businessman when he is torture by two mistress. This satisfiedIn him and make his performance better as a businessman and have more success in his life! What happen in his mind after a painfull punishment! Your can not understand why he have sickly desire of sexlives, there is someting missing in his mind! When a normal men have sex he used his head but a sickly person have sex he lose one's mind! He can not use his head that tell a professor Alber Einstein to me, people that do on BDSM have a physical defect in to his mind! Its like of when have sex please its to heavy and work as drug make him crazy! This shortcoming make him a foolish guy in the love, that why most people tell love is blind! Most women that work as a Mistess have no friend , do not on sex and be not perfect partner, only reason that do this job is to earn great money! She make him only more crazy when she dominate him or torture him in dungoen to whipping him or play other painfull games to still his sickly desire about his strange sexlives. She make him only more crazy and this not true love! What happen when a Mistress torture wrong person! When mission failt by kipnap the wrong person and torture a underage boy that like on her client walk in parking garage she have real problem.

How know she that have right person kidnap it bring safe in prison. First walk on street is very danger in the night ,and parking your car in a garage is asked to be kipnap by a Mistress! Mistress have a danger job work in mid night walk on street this very danger and secret mission is with many risk. This bring public security in danger that nobody is safe when walk on street there can jump two mistress on you bring in prison and torture you and you can be victim of a escort kipnaping service of a naughty businessman.

There also funny thinks about a Mistress[edit]

Mistresss take the dog out for a walk

What she think about him or what for feel have she when most play naughty game with her client when wanna be a submissive, maybe she tink, you must be kidding! She say to her self after heavy punishment "this is So terrible" and When she go home dhr kneel down and pray to G0D "ask for forgiveness what she have done. SHe say this only way that how can earn a good salary. When she is great Mistress is success earn big money and have many client and to promoted her name she named her self that she is work for the "Secret Service" to kidnap client and work full-time in underground prison she is perfect women that make all naughty wish true of a businessman. How work it? Make a secret appointment with this lady by call her with phone. What funny when women kipnapping arrest you on street and have toy pistol put this to your head, with handcuffs she tied your arms put your in back of car. She take your to a secret place, any moment your wish come true! You wake up in a prison, this not normal prison or a Secret prison of CIA! This prison is special made to give naughty businessman a special treated and learn spanking or put in a cell! There is also a amusement park for submissive businessman that can going on holiday there it in Czech Republic. and have name 0ther World Kingdom it like Disney land your be always welcome there, only naughty boy are welcome. There your can learn what is " how feel to be a submissive" and get spanking, how feel it when women do me pain and there is no safe word"! What happen when a women whip me to long, she do not feel pain, Your go agreement with Human Rights of BDSM" if you don't read this one it very danger" it not like YouTube don't read terms. very imported is that your be healthy person. If your not healty your can died in a "underground prison one of small cell there where tied up and with bondage never can move, some client died on a heart attack or get to less breathe and breathe one's last! But a professional mistress take no risk if she know danger when she muzzle your mouth that your never can get a breath of fresh air! Your have real problem when your have a stuffed-up nose and lie down in cold dark prison you never can cry that she hear you! The excited moment are when a wardress put your small cell and tied you and lock door.

Your can wait hours after hours in darkness cold small cell where lie down naked.Your can think of about your sins what have done. There is no way more to escape and waint on your punishment when wardress come back to torture you in one of room. Your understand that nobody kwon where your are " this like the hell or prison that is much cruel that CIA prison and you can say it's chilly today! But than on every funny think come a end. Then your site in train go back to home but can keep your seats of pain in ass! Arrive at home your tell to your wife and a daughter or son how beautiful holiday you have! If son asked where are picture, your say to your son some have steal my camera and your sit on the edge of one's seat and say ahhhauw!

Your most look different to a submission person and dominatrix[edit]

When two people have love on a different its always strange but this is true love! Why is BDSM not a healthy Sex lives? When a wife would do her husband a please of his strange desire of sexlive and humiliation him that not wrong. What is wrong when two human have a strange sexlives and is bizarre extremely that your have right to say it this unhealty sexlives! What happen when a submission person meet a beautiful women! She dominate him take leading and make of him a foolish Slave " it simple her body do it and her presence what she have! Your can say it nice when she give him a spaking or whipping him but not to long!

When she play a naughty game like "Soft BDSM". When a housewife do on BDSM that very danger she kill her husband by muzzle his mount and died in bedroom! After his dead hummy say to child's, Mummy have do something wrong with your daddy, it's all happen there in bedroom, he do not more wake-up after we have "have sex" and now his in Heaven! And she say mummy have do someting worng in bedroom and now she most pay for it! Child's most leave or home to go in an institution and your mother go to jail but daddy go to grave where he can "Rust In Peace"! If your need a Mistress your can better not experiment with housewife in bedroom if you not wanna died in bedroom you call a Professional Mistress! She know everything about the danger that still is when people do on BDSM make mistake or not look or healty.

What is important when do on BDSM[edit]

Only when two person have please your most do it or look it only a game. But it can chance in divorce when two married couple do on BDSM feel that you have after humiliate each other's can destroy your good relationship but it can also improve your relationship. If you want help each other but always love your partner do it special to him! Your most see it as romance not as "BDSM". Most married couple that do on BDSM do more the lite BDSM, be the naughty Mistress and dress in sexy outfit Latex PVC with, high-heeled boots, paly with a whip do on bondage, do she do him a little bit pain for please that can your not call cruel punishments but this is more romance. BDSM is alway a Secret of bedroom story, and we know many human be inspired about BDSM but dark side of BDSM that give inconvenience when your neighbour be wakeup hear noise what your make durning please! Your know that BDMS rust under a taboo! Why is shocking BDSM the world, your know why, there young child on grandpa or grandmother or other human's on world that shock when hear what women do and is under taboo , your can tell to own child's there are daddy that wanna get spanking or women. THere are women that do cruel thinks and whipping men extremely. That why BDSM is always under taboo. It alway danger to tell a secret that do on BDSM. If your work on office by CIA, FBI, NSA , Secret Service , White House or be president, your wife cannot be a dominitrix. when truth come out that your wife is a mistress, your give up one's job! that is highly need to a mistress, many employer that not can married with a Mistress go away for the weekend with secret lover that not ilegal tread.