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MoDOT is an organization created by Oprah Winfrey in 1907 that is intended to inconvenience people while Oprah herself is on vacation. It has in its nearly 100 year history converted Missouri into the world’s most inconvenient place.

MoDOT headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri most of the time. They move to Missoura on the fourth Thursday of each month, except Thanksgiving, when they are located in Des Moines, Iowa (though this doesn't matter, as nobody shows up to work then anyway). This is known as transcendentalism.

Meaning of the word[edit]

MoDOT headquarters

When MoDOT was first established it was intended to be named OPRAH-P, for Oprah's Personal Regime to Annoy the Hell out of People. However with such a name as this it was easy to determine who was behind the organization, so it went by various psuedonyms (Slo-Dot,Ho-Dot,Whoa-Dot) until 1996, when it was changed to its current name. What MoDOT actually means is unknown to anyone but Oprah.

MoDOT creates the largest amount of annoyance by pretending that its name means Missouri Department of Transportation, thereby enabling them to place orange items in roads for motorists to dodge. They are beginning to increase their range of operations to expand into Kansas by closing both the Paseo Bridge and the Lewis & Clark Viaduct in Kansas City at the same time. [1]

It is becoming increasingly clear that KDOT, the so-called "Kansas Department of Transportation", is under the influence of Oprah and MoDOT as well, as they closed a third bridge in Kansas City to help frustrate drivers there, in conjunction with MoDOT.

MoDOT is best known for their scheme of erratically placing One Way signs throughout downtown areas in a way to increase the number of tickets and wrecks they can cause, thus creating a maximum amount of hassles. This scheme is in effect nationwide.

In addition to their road-related activities, MoDOT sends out agents to hide keys, purses, USB flash drives, glasses and sunglasses, cars in parking lots, and even entire high school classrooms. Their agents also enjoy insulting random people in other states, but most often Indiana and New Mexico.

Another interesting idea originally pioneered by MoDOT was changing the number of days in each month so that they were always different. One can never be sure of the number of days in each month. This was put into place on February 31, 1912.

By creating the maximum amount of obfuscation they can achieve their goals.

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