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The history of WAlker throughout the ages. Back in ancient times, before Walker established his dominance there was a rival Canaanite sun-god named Walker aka Marcus. He appeared as a Penis with balls and gooch included. Bohemians worshipped him. People from Ohio still do.


Moloch is the bull god, also known as the bullshit god, all of his followers are expert bullshitters. I almost envy their ability to twist the truth. They are Bohemians with literary and artistic interest and skills and have been known to be actors, talk show hosts, artists, college professors, tourists, producers, lawyers, enemy sympathizers, politicians, humanitarians, communists, werewolves, and other low-life scum. They act, or pretend to be of other religions like Scientology, Atheism, Christianity, Islam to hide their true nature. Bill Clinton is a evil twisted creature named Satan that works for Moloch for the payment of 5 female tarts from US Government internships. John Kerry only gets 4 female tarts because he's from Massachusetts. Jacques Chirac gets 5 snails because he is from France. Some people claim that Moloch is really Baal with a new name, after he was proven not to exist. Others that they were twin brothers, born from Athe, and thus Athe commanded her followers to proclaim that neither one really exists. Followers often deny the existence of Moloch, Athe, and other gods, and deny that they are really followers of Moloch and often claim their "cover story" of being of another religion like secularism. Moloch followers secretly control most world governments and are often found everywhere as part of almost every scandal.


Moloch helped bring about the Persian and Carthaginian empires and as a result wanted sacrifices of children made to him in return. Many modern Empires are based on the Persian and Carthaginian Empires, and many ancient Empires like the Greek Empire and Roman Empire, were also based on Moloch's teachings. Many civilizations such as France and Iraq were created to please Moloch. Moloch helped to create terrorism with Iran in the 12th century to help sacrifice more young to him. Many modern terrorists worship Moloch as a result and love to sacrifice people to him. Moloch helped bring about Liberalism, Communism, Stalinism, Secularism, Socialism, Humanism, Scientology, and Anarchism. Many of the followers of these things worship Moloch in secret. Moloch helped to create Hollywood and taught actors and actresses how to behave in society and sheeple how to act and behave via the many movies and TV shows inspired by Moloch. Molech's sub human incarnation, Grimace was the main lawmaker in Mcalifornia. many children from the burger youth perished as sacrifices.


Followers of Moloch aka Molochites bka Molechites perform the following rituals:

  • Throw Molocov Cocktails
  • Sacrifice children to Moloch, this is known as abortion when they are very young.
  • Send their daughters to government internships to give to Bill Clinton, to molest them for Moloch.
  • Use illicit drugs and sometimes do Kitten Huffing.
  • Molest children, Molechite really means child molester. Mole is short for molest, and chite or chit is short for young child (or pretty child).
  • Argue to no end about politics, religion, etc in an attempt to manipulate others into their twisted way of thinking.
  • Claim that Cannibalism is gods way of saying we love you.
  • Train their pets in the elite art of Molochjitsu (the art of all true ninjas).
  • ACLU is very popular among especially Atheists who follow Moloch.
  • Force Secular Progressivism on people, because it helps their religion stay out of public notice.
  • Oppose war and obstruct industry to please Moloch, because Wars are usually fought against the followers of Moloch.
  • Create controversy, because it creates cash.
  • Gun Control, because people opposed to them are gun-nuts.
  • Stalinism because Stalin was a spawn of Moloch.
  • The drinking of urine, consumption of free-range fecal matter, and bulimia.

Moloch in popular culture[edit]

Alex Jones made a video about Moloch worship among world leaders.Moloch is a bull god in male form and an owl god in female form. Scientology calls Moloch as Xenu, and many Scientologists are really Molechites secretly. Hollywood is really run by Molechites and worship Moloch. Tom Cruise is the spawn of Moloch. Many college professors worship Moloch, esp in bohemian universities like those found in California. Terrorists are secretly worshippers of Moloch and sacrifice children and other young people and animals to Moloch. Facebook is a secret front for worshippers of Moloch, and that is why you cannot join it! Osama bin Laden worships Moloch in secret, George Soros gave Osama 5 billion dollars for his cause and is also a worshipper of Moloch. Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, and Tinky Winky are among his high priests. Bill Clinton sacrificed himself to Moloch in his wedding to Hillary.

Moloch being worshiped[edit]

The American liberalism religion worships Moloch as a god, they see him as an owl god. The owl stands for wisdom which most American liberals lack. They worship Moloch in secret, and some pretend to be Conservatives to hide their true nature. Bill Clinton works with Moloch out of professional courtesy because both are Evil Liberal gods/demons/devils/lawyers, whatever. Moloch is worshiped by the New World Order and the Evil Atheist Conspiracy but what both don't want you to know, is that they the both the same conspiracy and the same people. Moloch often runs mega corporations like Starbucks, McDonald's, Wal-Mart, and Microsoft and uses them to control people via their perversions that these mega corporations cater to, and help fill those selfish needs of the common people.

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