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Monday Night Raw was created after the SMACKDOWN! series ended. RAW became the A soap opera to watch, as Smackdown became the B soap opera to watch. The creator of RAW was the great Oscar Mayer. After Oscars tremendous sucess in driving with his wienermobile taking little boys wieners and grilling them, he invested all his money into making a new soap opera called RAW.

RAW Episode Guide[edit]

RAW ended in 2007. It had a great long run, but sadly ended. Here is the list of every episode and saga.

Season I (The RAW Saga)[edit]

  • Episode 1 - In RAWs first episode John Cena and Edge have an ultimate battle. John Cena wins by giving Edge a blowjob, Edge then fucked Lita. Also Oscar Mayer kidnaps Rey Mysterio to chop his wiener off to make the ultimate new recipe, the Mexican Wiener. Meanwhile as Oscar is in his secret underground wiener labrotaory, preparing to cut off Rey's wiener, something else is happening on RAW. Black people come to RAW, Bobby Lashley, Cryme Tyme, and Booker T come to RAW and threaten to destroy RAW. But Randy Orton, Edge, Eugene, and Triple H comes to the rescue. The ultimate Battle, Homosexual White Men Vs Straight Black Men, begins. Later, MAJIN BUU COMES AND TURNED EVERYONE INTO CHOCOLATE AND ATE THEM. But John Cena overcomes the odds (big surprise) and defeats Buu once and for all with his special, TTYL. But Buu survives
  • Episode 2 - The fight continues, but then The Big Show comes out and eats everyone in the ring.
  • Episode 3 - Oscar ayer manages to complete his plans, Rey Mysterio's penis was cut off. And Oscar Mayer grilled it, he then ate it to become.....The Super Mexican Beaner Wiener Man. Meanwhile Big Show goes to the bathroom, and poops out all 8 wrestlers he ate. But Booker T and Triple H are fused as one peice of crap, creating the Black Triple H! The Rock and StoneCold come in. They realize that Black Triple H is too much to handle so they decided to fuse. "FUSION HAAAAAAAAAAAAA" They fucked up the fusion and turned into Viscera. When all hope is about to be lost, Hogan comes in and uses his booking power and defeats all. The end.
  • Episode 4 - Triple H told John Cena to "suck it" and unsurprisingly Cena did. Shawn Michaels faced Randy "Gay Ass" Orton and the crowd got pissed because Shawn Michaels got his face punted in by Randy "Gay Ass" Orton. Drowning Pool then fused with Square-Enix to create Frowning Mule. The great Khali ate the little Boogeyman so Big Boogeyman kicked Khali in the balls and missed one. Val Venus got a chair and attacked himself, this was just the start of the fabled Val Venus VS Himself rivalry.
  • Episode 5 - The Boogeyman stole Kurt Angle's waffle supply, causing him to have a Fatal Fourway with The Boogeyman, Beth Phoenix and a janitor. Val Venus, during his match with Maajin Buu came out and kicked himself in the crotch, causing him to lose the match.