Monica Lewinsky's Blue Dress

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The dress Monica WHORE...i mean wore.

Kenneth Star's proof that former U.S. President Bill Clinton received vaginal sex from his secretary while First Lady Hillary Clinton practiced running the country.

Lewinsky initially met Bill Clinton after responding to the following classified ad from the Octember 2nd, 1995 issue of the Washington Times:

WANTED: Ravenous, dedicated fellatrix of ravishing labial beauty, voluptuous callimastian figure, and indefatigable talent to be frequently and intensively irrumated by a competent and highly experienced member. FOR: pharyngeal expulsion of prostatic and testicular concoctions; indulgence of gender-stereotypical orally-fixated hedonistic cravings.

In retrospect, this wording may have been problematic.

Lewinsky's dress was bought at auction by Richard Mellon Scaife. He uses it to wash off his car. Which is often covered with semen.

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