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Montaña Rusa is a brutal Argentine television series that lasted from 1995 to 1998, two years in the air and several others in the dump water.


Montaña Rusa - First season[edit]

The name was originally created by the series producer, Mr. Che Boludo.
He would say years after: -I came out with that name, when I was heavily stoned after smoking a cuban newspaper… I remember myself saying “Hey! Why not Montaña Rusa? Montaña would stand for a little pile of terrible actors in your TV and “Rusa” -Russian in English-, because it’s just like the russian roulette, you want to shot yourself after watching an episode.
"During those years, the world was also transitioning from a Cold War scenario, so we thought of the name as an ironic way to say that communist russians were still fashionable and handsome", he added.

Montaña Rusa: Segunda Vuelta - Last and least (if that´s possible) season ( thank god!..)[edit]

The series did have a second season with a totally different cast. Most of the former actors had to leave the country to avoid prosecution, face charges of the "you really suck" law, or apply for a face reconstruction to restart their careers.

Biological Hazardous[edit]

Decease distribution according to WHO?

According to WHO? - ( WHO | World Health Organization) this series was rated as dangerous AAA, Defcom 1, Red code, "Una verdadera Mierd#" and the "new millennium pandemia". Most of the female teenagers exposed to this soap opera suffered of some kind of vererial disease.

Male teenagers who watched the series, did not reach the age of 16 without been beaten by their classmates.

The US Government, declared this series to be a mass braincell destruction weapon, and created a secret agency to research and develop their own improved Montaña Rusa ( Secret Code: Variable Offensive Militar International TV Series - VOMITS )

The Conspiracy[edit]

Many argentines believe that the solely exportation of this product, inflated the debt of Argentina, increased the unemployment and produced the 2001 crisis which led to the “Corralito”. Mr. Che Boludo would also say quoting the barely famous singer Coty Sorokin, -“Nada de esto fue un error” – in english, “None of this was a mistake” -, reinforcing the theory of the conspiracy. Several actors and actresses had to leave the country during the riots, that led to the resignation of the president of Argentina Fernando “Chupete” De La Rua, who was also the former manager of Shakira.

Even though the controversy, the series was successfully exported to several countries in Latin America and Asia. Other countries, generated self defenses against it and raised considerably their import taxes just to limit the entrance of products like “Montaña Rusa”.

Several argentine men (the ones that couldn´t get laid, even if their lives depended on it), used the emotional impact that the series had in women, to achieve great success with them (within the countries where the series was exported, they are still big loosers in Argentina).


As mentioned before, the series was successfully exported to several countries such as:

Series Cast[edit]

Series Cast - Due to Federal Regulations, faces were distorted
  • Juan Gil Debarro .... the handsome
  • Nancy en Dupla .... spoiled little whore
  • Eva Peron .... as Madonna
  • Danny Devito Bancario .... not credited
  • John Travolta .... Tony Manero
  • Diego “Soy de Plasticola” Olibera ... as himself
  • Unknown actor .... as “Hey mom, I´m on TV”
  • The Che Guevara
  • Juan Peron ... the General
  • Maradona .... the priest
  • Mr Spock .... the business man
  • A whale .... a taxi driver

Awards and Recognitions[edit]

  • Carlos de oro (1996) San Pedro Sula Festival - Most Disappointing Cast EVER
  • Black Leaf of Villa Fiorito (1995) - Most Unrealistic Script
  • Golden Girl Globes (1994) - TV Series with the Lowest Budget
  • Big Charuto of Cuba (1992) - Greatest amount of actors killed or injured while filming