Monte O'Bannon

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Monte O'Bannon (1801-1882) was the founder of the Irelandican Republic from Ireland. His ethnicity, mixed with the ethnic backgrounds of Mexican founder Carlos Bonaventura and Sid Reynoso assisted in establishing the entire country, culture, and region names.

History in the Republic[edit]

After the deaths of the other founding fathers, O'Bannon was the only original country's settler left to collaborate with its first leader, Grand Valkary Mikelev I. Since they got along so well, O'Bannon was elevated to Venerable Counselor of the Republic.

Venerable Counselor[edit]

Venerable O'Bannon, as he was known, was the judge that oversaw Court meetings, justice conferences, and other events involving significant situations occurring in the Republic. Those that witnessed his officiation of ceremonies and events would remember him as a "bold and charming fellow with an extraordinary accent."


O'Bannon died upon a vacation arrival of his Manilacommon residence in 1882. He was 81 years old and suffering from what medical experts assume was smallpox. His death affected the myriad of Irelandican residents, and the Grand Valkary was sure to have an ornate funeral for the Irish founding father. It is not determined where he is buried, though Grand Valkary Mezzamari Ballacio I (ruled from 1949-1972) made a public hint that he knew the location of all the founding fathers' burial grounds.

Venerable O'Bannon will probably be forever remembered as the most loved of the founding fathers.