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The Moody Blues were more 'moody' then 'bluesy'
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The Moody Blues were called "The Blues" during the British Invasion when Denny Laine and Penny Lane were in the band. They played on "Ed Sullivan" for three nights in a row in White Satin.

The First Day[edit]

The Moody Blues recorded their first album in the span of one day. That day, however, lasted a thousand years due to a series of complication involving time standing quite still in the morning, having time in the noon, and nights never reaching an end. It was later discovered that the temporal anomalies were caused by a cold-hearted orb that rules the night and removes the colors from our sight.

The Prog Years[edit]

After wearing White Satin for two years, Denny Laine and Penny Lane both got married and left the band because the other band members which were never important didn't want married couples in the band.

So they got two former Unitarian Priests John Lodge and Justin "Ironhead" Hayward who also played for the Manchester United.

Their Summer of Love concert in 1967 was a hit when they played "Nights in White Satin" while wearing White Satin.

After their third album "On a Threshold of a Dream", they created Threshold Records to compete with Apple Records.

The break-up[edit]

In the early seventies, the Mellotron that the Moody Blues used collapsed after they played a concert in Cleveland. This ended the band's career because the Mellotron gave them powers to rock (it also loved to drop acid, especially on Tuesday Afternoon).


In the late seventies, The Moody Blues went without their fifth-member, The Mellotron.

The Moody Blues then made a fashion statement by wearing poofy shirts instead of White Satin.

Now, The Satin Nights perform with the Moody Blues as they are now the opening act for The Satin Nights.

"Cold-Hearted Orb that rules the nights. Removes the bulges from our tights. Red on our flags; our countrymen, fags. But we decide which is right....because we're fucking British."

1990's Onward[edit]

On October 31, 2007, the Hard Rock Park theme park announced that they are building a twisted ride based on "Nights in White Satin" called "Nights in White Satin - The Crazy Acid Trip". The ride will incorporate sights, sounds, smells and insane illusions by means of LSD handed out at the beginning of the ride. A re-recorded version of Graeme Edge's "Late Lament" again follows. This version, however, will be "totally radical and trippin' balls, man."


  • The Magnificent Blues
  • Days of Future Passes Gas
  • In Search of the Lost Cord
  • On the Threshold of a Dream
  • On the Threshold of a Nightmare
  • Question of Answers
  • Every Good Boy Does Fine
  • Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always
  • On the Threshold of a Wet Dream
  • Seventh Sojourn
  • Eighth Sojourn
  • Ninth Sojourn
  • Tenth Sojourn
  • The Satin Knights
  • Strange Times
  • Stranger Times
  • Strangest Times
  • The Present in my Pants
  • Keys of The Kingdom
  • Keys of My House
  • Goddammit! Where did you put the Fucking Keys?"
  • Night on the Red Cocks
  • December
  • October
  • January
  • Long Distance Cumshot
  • Cocktave

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