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(Also known as Edam)

Although this story was used by parents for many years to fool their children for no apparent reason, it was proved in recent years by "scientists" from the University of Popular Sciences that it is in fact made of a substance similar to Edam, a popular "Dutch" made cheese, although many conspiracy theorists now believe that moon people visited the Netherlands in 1942 to give them the idea.

The US space probe known as Diskovori is currently in it's final stages and will be sent up in early 2008 to collect samples of the cheese. The scientist's discovery was confirmed by NASA's large "cheese type detecting telescope".

“We bought it on a whim in 1954. I never thought I'd get to use it.”

~ Head of NASA on a cheese type detecting telescope

Although this has been dealt with before, the chemical make-up of the cheese has never been properly analyzed. The manufacturers of Edam are worried however that this rich cheese source may put them out of business.

“I'm worried that this rich cheese source will put us out of business”

~ Head of International Cheese Council John O'Hara on Moon Cheese

Chemical Makeup[edit]


Hydrogen Dicarbon Trioxide also known as Edam was discovered in a large quantities on the moon. It is made by supercharging milk particles and firing them at each other in a particle accelerator. The "Dicarbon Trioxide" part of it makes it a bubbly, soft cheese as opposed to Cheddar, which is made up of NO2Cl Nitrogen Dioxide Chloride. This Edam has fallen from the moon at regular intervals, and scientists believe that a cheese comet will hit the earth sometime this year. Economists predict a downturn in the cheese market never before seen.

Although the cheese's chemical makeup in known, it's taste is not guaranteed to be the same.

“It's taste is not guaranteed to be the same”

~ John O'Hara on his last hope

Economic Effects[edit]

Hopes for a major drop in cheese prices by cheese lovers are causing many stock market shareholders to sell their shares, and National Guard soldiers have been posted on Wall Street to prevent a riot. Although the cheese market is up in the air, the University of Popular Sciences has had a massive increase in entries to the universities "Super Fourth Level" degrees.

Cheese prices went down slightly today, but it was not enough to reduce them to levels previously seen after a ancient Red Leicester was discovered in Scotland.