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Moose was an article written for the Noob only writing competition 2012!
Yay for us!
And yay for them!

A moose is an animal who has two antlers. Many people say that the antlers are useless, but they'd be dead wrong. Of course, since a moose is basically a horse with antlers, the horse has planned and activated multiple attacks against the moose for plaigarism.


The horses were smart enough forsee that, the residents of the World Trade Center would get trampled by moose. Therefore, horses from Al-Horsa hijacked planes, and crashed them into the buildings. Many people believe that people died from the attacks. In reality, they just shot themselves in the head from all the excitement. Nope, moose died.

The United Moose of America strongly condemned the cowardly attacks. They then set out on a mission to find the controller, Osama's binned Horse. At one point, America was led to think that binned Horse was finally dead. But they'd be dead wrong. Barack Obama (nope, didn't change the name a bit!) then led two men to Horsistan and found binned Horse. They then shot binned Horse, and that was the end of that chapter.