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Mosh is the home planet of the mosher.

For the Ministry of Silly Hats, and information on Hat Welfare, please see mosh_hats

A form of darkness covers the planet. This prevents moshers from hurting their eyes.


Mosh is found in a friendly galaxy known as RockMetal (yes its one word). Other planets includ Emo, Punk, Skater, Indie, Jedi as well as the Southern United States.

RockMetal is found scatered through out the universe as it uses the anti-gravity of the Tril Star to keep its orbit. It has been said that one of the Moons of mosh did once collide with a place known as Earth and that is what formed Moshers to populate this so called Earth

Cross contamination of these species include such things as sXe, and EmoPunk


No human being has ever witnessed a mosh pit with thier own eyes and lived to tell about it however a couple of cheeky buggers with a pair of binoculars at a Britney Spears concert saw one only suffering double eye blow-outs. Had it been a Kelly Clarkson concert it would not have been a mosh it would have been a massive gay orgy as the lead guitarist for the band is so gay. If you woke up tomorrow as the lead guitarist for Kelly Clarkson you'd probably kill youself... They described the Britney Spears mosh as a bunch of kids huddled together touching each other. Michael Jackson has been looking for one ever since he found out about this but gets too caught up raping other children to actually track one down. Rumours have circulated that Chuck Norris participated in a mosh once. It was in another universe where he was on holiday. That universe no longer exists...


"Once the moshers had moved away (due to emo music coming on) all that could be smelt was blood"

"When I later found one of the moshers I noticed that half of his left check was missing"

"This has to be the most dangerous pastime I have ever seen"

"Further interviews with the moshers lead me to belive that 'The Pit' was a fun place to be...and after a half hour session with in 'The Pit' I found that I only had enougth energy to write this paper."

All quotes from Dr. Z Warr. All quotes taken from his papers with permission