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A dark blood sucking evil place... Um the mosquito I mean.

“A Mosque is a place of harmony. But without the harmony.”

Otherwise known as "gardening centres". The average mosque has at least ten full-time gardeners who are perpetually weeding out the unworthy, the most famous gardener being Abu Hamza who went to the extent of replacing his hands with gardening tools to help with his weeding. Unfortunately, recent controversy has surrounded his indoctrination of other young gardeners into the fields of "jihadism" and "extremism".

Jihadism particularly offends other members of the gardening world due to it's strict adherence to advocation from Gardener's World that all gardens belong to the "one garden". Recently a cell of gardeners from London and one from Canada have been found practising this jihadism with 900lbs of fertiliser. An English gardener who has not attended a mosque stated "An Englishman's home is his castle, and his garden is already green and doesn't need 900lbs of fertiliser".

Extremism is just as evil, and promotes absolute adherence to the "Gardener's World Useful Tips Section". As such, we implore you to report any groups of men with trowels who look like they might not belong in your garden. And if someone blows up your rockery, report it to the police immediately.

Most mosques have domes, these are places are there to store the gardners tools,the AK-47 and the RPG rocket launcher two favourites, many mosques also have a Wudu area for cleaning their blood stained dresses, worn by many gardners to signify their intent on going to the garden of eden, known as Jannah, they achieve this by dying.

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