Most Super Mega Ultra Powerful Great Supreme Overlord Court of the United States of America

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This article is about the satanic cult. For the article about the boring men and women who look like men in black dresses, see Supreme Court

The Most Super Mega Ultra Powerful Great Supreme Overlord Court of the United States of America (MSMUPGSOC USA; commonly referred to as simply the Overlord Court) is a modern satanic cult hell-bent on world domination. The Overlord Court is extremely influential in modern politics, and is under the protection of the United Nations.


The Overlord Court has a simple doctrine - All members must pledge their undying loyalty to the Court, and swear upon the macho might of Chuck Norris to work tirelessly to achieve its sole goal of absolute domination of the entire universe. Members must also swear to make any sacrifice necessary for the advancement of "the Cause", and must not hesitate to make the "ultimate sacrifice".


The Overlord Court is a really crappy cult, because it has almost nothing to do with religion whatsoever. All of the Court's operations are controlled by the High Council, which is composed of the leaders of the military and the politicians, as well as representatives of different groups of people. The Court has massive financial and military resources, with their total finances estimated at over 1398349801562438587295 googleplex in American dollars. The Court also has full control of the military forces of all the important countries in the world, and a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction large enough that even Pamela Anderson can't fit them all inside her titties.


The High Council of the Court:


Military Division:



The Overlord Court was founded in 666 by Oscar Wilde. Many minority groups have joined the Court, including Jews, retards, and environmentalists. Since then, it has been responsible for the origin of everything, the creation of Israel, the founding of Uncyclopedia, massive amounts of vandalism to Wikipedia, and society's obsession with the beautiful orbs known as titties. Ass however, is never neglected.

We get to see these all the time thanks to the Overlord Court.