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MTCW 2003. Left to right: Prime Minister of Atlantis Legolas and his wife Joan of Arc.

The Most True Country of the World is a competition where the most true country of the year is elected. Every country can take part in this competition if it is from the world. Countries from outside the world are banned, but hey, them's the rules.


The competition was first arranged in late 1899 b.c. at 24:62 a.m. in the Republic of New Ancient Greece. Gaius Julius Schwarzenegger was the first judge.

The Most True Country of the World contest was forbidden on Septembruary 38, 1567 a.d. at 13:67 p.m. by Adolph Hitler, who was the root of all evil. The contest was ressurected again at 1990 by pope John Paul II who had the root at all.good.

Nowadays the competition takes place every four years coterminally with the Olympics.

List of Winners[edit]


Old Winners[edit]

- 2006 Serbia

list incomplete