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Uncyclopedia, Where Mottos are lame.”

~ Sir Major Gwax on Mottos and Uncyclopedia

Soviet Russia, Where motto chooses YOU!!

~ Communist on Motto

A motto is an inane, idealistic phrase that details the stated mission, or raison d'etre, of a group or organization. Mottos are usually repeated verbatim by new members of the group, as a not-so-sophisticated method of brainwashing.

The best mottoes are written in a language that you, personally, do not understand. In addition to making the irritating motto easier to forget, the use of foreign languages compels you to ask a member what the motto means, so they can get a wistful look in their eye and repeat the motto to you in your favored language, using an equally wistful tone of voice.

A good motto most often inspires a feeling of hope or goodwill towards humanity, which is why they are full of crap.

Things That Have Mottos[edit]

Things That Do Not Have Mottos[edit]

Famous Mottos[edit]

ASIO: "Securing Australia's Intelligence since...uh..."

Cabal: "There is no Cabal"

Engrish Porice: "For Great Justice"

France: "Nous au moins, on a pas voté Bush!"

Germany: "If in doubt: Sauerkraut!"

Homies: "When the going gets tough, the tough get guns"

KGB: "Polonium: breakfast of ex-champions"

Oscar Wilde: "I Don't Know Latin, Bitchum"

The Three Spanish Musketeers: "All for Juan, and Juan for all"

Uncyclopedia: "Use Sparingly", "Do Epic Lunacy"

United States of America: "USA! USA! USA!" ad infinitum

Svalbard "Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow."

'"Brovont'" "If You and me go up a tree, who knows what she may find!"

'"Meditation'" "It's Not What You Think"