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Moundarianism is a small sect of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism that is practiced by the followers of The Holy Mound. Moundarians reside in Moundaria, the sacred homeland and domain of the Lord and Master Mound.


Moundarians believe that The Mound, a moldy clump of accumulated dirt found at the end of the 96th Street and Broadway 1 station in New York, is a holy and supreme prophet of The Flying Spaghetti Monster Moundarians are known for their loud ranting in subway cars, and the passing out of The Mound fliers. They believe that the way to gain the favor of their Prophet is to feed it a varied diet of plastic-based items. These are good for The Mound and help it to collect additional dust. The Mound is also known for its feeding off of the Third Rail, though which 700 volts of vital electricity runs. In this way, The Mound controls all the electricity by which the New York subway system runs.


All Moundarians hate with a deep passion Dylan The Moundface. Having attacked The Mound several times, he has been subject to the eternal chucking of flaming learning Annexes, and, although he has found a way out of the rule, some still throw them for the heck of it. He is also extremely unwelcome in the land of Mound, Moundaria.

The Sacred Anthem of Mound[edit]

Moundarians have committed themselves to writing long and beautiful poems about The Mound. One such poem, written by an odd, sociopathic little girl at 2 am, has been hailed as the anthem of Mound (the Moundarian anthem).

"The Mound"

Ye be the sacred Mound, the prophet of Him,

the Flying Noodly Master’s child of Mold,

Obeying and serving his Sacred Whim,

And Teaching us of His glories Untold.

Ye who doth feedeth on Metrocard Gold,

Ye who doth drinketh deep of Green-Flavored Soda,

Who in thy tendrils the third rail doth hold,

and thy wisdom is greater than that of Yoda.

Thy noodly appendages of grime,

mimicking thy master, the FSM,

swaying so masterfully with the train,

touching us again, every single time.

Thy quiver is a haunting requiem,

nay, a ballad with gentle refrain.

More Moundliness[edit]

Moundarians also create brilliant works of art centered around their prophet, The Mound. These are in the form of paintings, bread mold collages, mosaics, and stunning digital artworks. Most have currently been eaten by The Mound. They are thrown across the subway platform, with much chanting and bowing in Latin and Moundarian.