Mount Athos

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Athos map.JPG
Mount Athos
Motto: "Panta rhei"
Anthem: No woman no cry by Bob Marley
Languages Greek of all ages, weird Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian
Capital Utterly diminished after Cuza stopped sponsoring
Government Theocracy, litterally.
National Heroes The Father, the Son
Currency Zeuro
Religion the right one


Mount Athos was built by men with no chance to see Mount Venus. The sex ratio of Greece was immediately disturbed. Therefore, the excedentary women were secluded in Meteora. Of course, there is a secret tunnel connecting these two strongholds (don't tell anyone). While catholic monks were busy burning east and west, the athosians kept a low profile, not lower than the aforementioned tunnel. That's why they didn't even realise that Turks were lurking around. They kept good relations with their neibourghs. Not with the Albanians, but who cares. A big blow in the face of athosian economy was given by Cuza when he decided to cut sponsoring the mountain. Athosians plunged in the deepest financial pit in their history (still, not deeper than the tunnel). Since then they adopted zeuro as national currency. The only memorable event in the recent history of the place was the visit of miss Greece undercover. Soon after that, Meteora officially opened doors for tourism (including Americans).

Politics and Government[edit]

Undisputed rule of the Trinity.


“A well-tied rope is the first serious step in life. ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Athosian economy

Many monasteries can only be reached via a rope-pulled basket. This spares the monks from being annoyed by average Americans. Recovery after the big blow was slow. Friendly neibourgh nations (not Albania) came to help but there is a suspicion that athosian economy flourishes mainly underground.


As a statement, no bearer of 2 X chromosomes (except hens) is allowed to visit. This results in a paradox: An extremely conservative country made 100 % of imigrants. Or maybe not. The truth lies beneath. But not deeper than the tunnel.


Most inhabitants cultivate wild beards; these are afterwards woven into ropes. Athosians ropes are their only connection to the real world.


Anathema and the curse are the most feared weapons. Cunning attackers are peed upon. Naïve attackers are laughed at.

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