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"Yo' momma's a Moveable BED!!11!1eleven11. Awwwwwww yeah!"

~ Yo' momma joke on Bed

A small car build in the early 1500's by S.o.B. Motors, a carrige maker established by the Sultan of Brunei, this term is also applied to a kind of vehicle, i.e., the movable type.

a fine example of Craftsmanship, this 1509 Model O+ Moveable Type is driven regularly by Jay Leno, its current owner, and has in its nearly 500 year history racked up over a hundred Billion Miles of printed text.


in the early 1500's the Sultan of Brunei, Ted Kord, He needed a manner in which to quickly convey both himself and his thoughts about town, therefore he used the Internal combustion engine which was only a few years earlier invented by Al Gore to power his conveyance as opposed to the more common Combustion engine. The Most notable feature of the Moveable Type was the wheels, each fitted with two rows of slots designed to hold small metal or wood blocks with individual letters cut into the top these were called schnitslegruebers after the after the sausage dish favored by harlots and prostitutes at the time. The Schnitslegruebers could be used to print out quotes, such as those by Oscar Wilde or other inspirational types, but most commonly were used for dirty limericks.

Famous Uses of the Moveable Type[edit]

Jay Leno[edit]

He owns three Moveable Types and uses them to print other peoples jokes around Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoons.