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In mathematics, the mozillion is defined to be the least non-infinite natural number k that has no intermediate successor k+1.

Invention and Naming[edit]

Although many had believed one pikachu to be the largest possible number for many years, it was not until 1905 that Rupert Murdoch put forward the idea that although this was nearly always true, it was sometimes possible to add one to this number, thus increasing its size. Therefore, a new largest number had to be invented, which Lachlan Murdoch (following in his fathers' footsteps) finally devised in 1936. This new largest possible number was named a "mozillion" by Rupert Murdoch's three-year-old grandnephew Timmy.

Official Sponsorship[edit]

In recent years, The bathroom has been lobbying the United States House of Lords to make "One Mozillion" the official national number. It is also the newly adopted upper limit on non-bid contracts, of which The Mozilla Foundation is a main recipient.

Real-World Applications[edit]

One Mozillian is rarely reached. Historically, only a few times has this number had an actual application outside mentioning its enormity. Some of the few examples follow:

  • 1944: One mozillion Jews die when Emo Hitler farts hydrogen cyanide.
  • 1967: One mozillian Chinese die as a result of a rare outbreak of Turkey Pox in a sewing machine farm
  • 1998: One mozillian bugs were found in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Because of this, the Mozilla Foundation created Mozilla Firefox.
  • 2005: One mozillian rats die as a result of Tornado Betty breaking a dam in Louisiana.

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