Mr. I Think I'm so High and Mighty

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He's so high and mighty... what with his cigar and sunglasses... es the hawterns!

Mr. I Think I'm so High and Mighty, or better known as, Remiel, is the messenger of Cruxis in Tales of Symphonia.


Mr. I Think I'm so High and Mighty has two backstories in his life, since he has had two jobs.

As Remiel[edit]

Remiel was the angel in Cruxis who banged some angel, and out popped Colette. She was to be the Chosen, and she was put on Earth to save the world, and eventually die, so that Remiel's Boss(Mithos Yggdrasill) could resurrect his dead sister. Her corspe would then be used as Mithos's sister's corspe.

Anywho, she was born, was given a shiny crystal, and then everyone raised her in a big city.

She wore frictionless shoes though, and ran into everything, and was eventually thrown out. They met Remiel every time they released the seal, where he'd be smoking a cigar and grant them more power to control the movement of the Polar Easterlies.

With this power, Colette would become an angel, and be able to control the winds!

Remiel kept granting her these powers, and she became strong. Then at the final seal, he learned that he was not her father.

Remiel was ticked off at this, and grew mad. Colette then ran into his arms, because Colette thought he was soooo hot, so they were about to go on a date to a french resturaunt(No naughty things. Remiel and Colette were serious in their relationship) until Lloyd decided that he wanted to be Colette's date.

So he drew his swords, and beat the heck out of Remiel. Remiel then passed out, then Kratos came in and reprimanded Remiel for loosing. Then Remiel died.

But being an angel, he couldn't die. So he just appeared in heaven. Then, he learned the position for Gah was opened up. He decided to take it.

As Gah[edit]

Mr. I Think I'm so High and Mighty took the position of Gah after having the living heck beaten out of him by Lloyd. He then swore revenge and used his position to get hot angel chicks.

Being Gah, he also had to take on many of God's and Gosh's job. This included being punched in the face by Satan every Thursday, beating Stan at chess, and receiving coal from Santa.

His Plans[edit]

Mr. I Think I'm so High and Mighty plans to assassinate Lloyd Irving while he's in his second term in office. He however, is still trying to find out a good way how to.

His Relation with Colette[edit]

Originally, Kratos tricked Remiel into thinking Colette was his daughter, when she really wasn't.

When he learned he died, and she later married Lloyd. Colette still however, is a virgin, even though she has already had a child.

He however, plans to marry her after getting retribution on Lloyd.

Being Mr. I Think I'm so High and Mighty is an easy job that requires much more training than you or any of your family will ever achieve in your blue collar lives. However, inferior being, if you insist on still learning(and being an stupid ignorant moron in doing so) I shall teach you just to show that I'm better than you.

Getting Started[edit]


First, you need to get some nice clean clothes, and none of that, "LOOK AT ME! I'M WEARING CLOTHES MADE BY TWO YEAR OLD SWEATSHOP WORKERS IN CHINA!" fashion. So dump your current fashion, it looks like you're a Soccer Player; and no one likes Soccer Players, except those blasted foreigners.

Anywho, I just remembered you're a moron, and you're probably just going drift store and spend a quarter on a whole suit. You're retarded. Go get some nice clean clothes,and make yourself look like the pope. In fact, make yourself look exactly like him, because he's better than you'll ever be and therefore, you should imitate him.

Then just get yourself two belts, not one, but two, because real men wear two belts.* If you're a woman and are offended by this, please get to my open arm because I'm the best you'll ever do.

Next, put on some sunglasses, and get yourself a large, robust cigar.

  • Only applies if you're not a dork.


Congratulations, you've gotten to this part. You've done better than 95%, now 95.4% of people. Anywho, you're obviously not the stupidest one in the crop, so since you're so smart, figure this out yourself. Yeah, take that punk. Go back to your hole and cry; you're not up to my standards yet and don't think you are.

Making the Lady Friends[edit]

That's right. STOP BEING A DORK AND TALK TO THE LADIES! Put down that gameboy, wash your face, lift some weights, and do some push ups!

Better yet, This is a lawn mower. Go outside, mow the lawn. Repeat this until you're not a dweeb!

Taking Up the Art[edit]

Congratulations, if you've completed all the already mentioned things, you're on runnnig in the right direction in the endless race known as you not sucking as much! Good for you! Now that you say that you have these skills, you are now officially ok to go into the market of being better than somebody!