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“Mr. Takeashit”

~ Tamia

Syaoran Takashi, or Mr. Takashi of Japan as known by the people, is Japan's most prominent 134 year old man, born on January 3rd,1873. Back in the day, he was big in the Anime buissinuess, and he still is. He has produced famous anime such as Jungle Emperor, Zombie Powder (as he claims),Naruto, "AKIRA" and Voltron. He does not like getting pictures of him taken due to his sensitive skin. In 1987, he immigrated to the U.S., and he got a job at the Fox TV Network.

The Evil Power[edit]

He ran away from Fox when some morons proposed the idea of replacing the Fox Kids lineup with 4Kids TV. Mr. Takashi replied, "FOOK NO!" The 4Kids executives took him hostage to The Chaimber of Hell to be tortured, he escaped and fled to Japan. He is currently in Japan and working with anime still.

Mr. Takashi and Anime[edit]

Anime was a passion of his since 1928. When he saw a cartoon about a wretched rat working on a steamboat. He has produced many anime, as mentioned. He started writing anime in 1950 when his anime Hentai Man! hit the screens. But it was a bomb at the porno theaters. After writing Bushko Tuktai, Dumbass, and Peter Pan: Marmoset Warrior, he quit writing and started producing anime again in 1958. He is still very wealthy today.

List of Wives[edit]

Mr. Takashi has had many wives over the years. This is a list of the wives, how long they've been together, and how many children they had. (Mr. Takashi is single to this day.):

  • Chie Numbaku(1885-1903) (4 children)
  • Akamaru Yoshitu (1909-1920) (12 children)
  • Uzamaki Sizuki (1930-1932) (2 children)
  • Kaho Tezuka (1935-1966) (18 children)
  • Sakura Densu (1973-1980) (6 children)
  • Mitsaki Mekuka (1981-1986) (4 children)
  • Nana Mizuki (1986-1993) (8 children)
  • Harvey Firestien (1994) (1 child)
  • Nanuko Yamada (2004-2006) (4 children)
  • Sasuke Uchiha (2007-present) (see below)

List of Anime Produced/Written[edit]

The list of anime he produced/wrote were suppose to be here, but the list consisted in the thousands! So, we deleted the list to save your time.

His current State[edit]

To this day, Mr. Takashi displays an old haggard appearance with gray-ish and or yellow-ish hair. He may gag every 3 hours, and he coughs up a hairball every week. He lives in a home that looks like a mansion, but isn't. But he is still wealthy. He is 168 pounds, and he is 5 foot 7 inches.

The Biopic[edit]

A movie was in progress about his life. The script was written by Bill Cosby and the film was suppose directed by Steven Spielberg. Chow Yun Fat was suppose to play Mr. Takashi. As of April 17,2007, the film was cancled because the people making this were seud for 80 million by Mr. Takashi because he wasn't informed they were making a movie about him.

No more plans for biopics are planned so far now. However, Mr. Takashi announced he will make a book.

The Book[edit]

Mr. Takashi of Japan's book will be a 2,789 page autobiography of his life. It is titled Life in Hell. But Mr. Takashi will retitle it, being a fat senile bastard he is.

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