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Super Mario A.K.A Mr Jihad is a global terrorist; #1 on 'America's Top 10 Wanted Muslims' list, Mr Jihad was an enlisted terrorist with many organisations such as 'Osama's bad boys', 'The Mario Ten Pin Bowlers', 'The Rip Out Ya Ovaries With Maskin Tape And A Straw Krew', 'Che Guevera; The Muslim Days' and even for a short period of time he was with the jackson five, but his political views got in the way. Mr Jihad has now finished terrorism and is recording for his new album 'The Whole Plane Fing...It Weren't My Fault'.

Early Terrorism[edit]

Mr Jihad first got into terrorism when he left the jackson five, they were scheduled to doa live concert on election day, because of Mr Jihad's islamic upbringing he insisted on smuggling a white phosphorus grenade up his asshole and attempting the assassination of the current president (information with-held). Mr Jihads plans did not go well with the band as they thought this their big show, that ontop of there being two 'MJ's in the band, the decision was made to let Mr Jihad go. For the space of three years Mr Jihad disappeared off the face of the earth, he later returned to islam only to see his favourite of his 21 Brothers (all of which named Mohammed) on fire, this sight turned Mr Jihad's vision red with rage he charged the American soldiers attacking his village and took 3 shots from a 45 to the chest. Some freak change in the weather caused it to rain salt water therefore healing his wounds and saving his life, when Mr Jihad awoke he was filled with rage he went straight for the nearest airport, got on a flight to Boston, he took a byro pen with him and disembowled every member of staff on that plane, he crashed the plane into 'Geophrey's authentic caucasian resteraunt; no coon-wogs' as a sign of racist outrage.

The Terrorism Days; Mario and Mr Jihad[edit]

Over the years Mr Jihad commited many acts of terrorism, he also during this terrorist peak adopted another alias after playing the Nintendo 64 game 'Mario Kart', Mr Jihad saw this character as an inspiration and a revolutionary character, Mr Jihad frequently dressed in what he calls 'Mario Threads' whilst terrorising. A short list of well known evil acts commited by Mr Jihad, in no order.

  • The 911 attacks
  • The Tsunami (tidal generator weapon)
  • Boxing Day Bombings
  • The Old Lady Burnings Of Kentucky
  • The Wicker Man Attacks
  • The Silent Hill Incidents
  • Responsible for Resident Evil Incident (Mario was the chief engineer of the 'T-Virus')
  • Salem Witch Hunts
  • Responsible for Soviet Russia
  • Hitler, Darth Vader and Charlie Murphy's mentor
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • The McDougle Murders
  • The Filming Of 'Hostel'
  • Blair Witch Project
  • Sleepy Hollow

Terror Retirement[edit]

In the late 80's Mr Jihad decided to give up terror after accidentally killing his brother in a shoe store bombing, Mr Jihad went into a state of depression and wrote a song to make him feel worse, this song was accidentally played over 'Muhat Muhat Radio' and the next day Mr Jihad Recieved a phone call from a record company wishing to contract him.

Music Career[edit]

The poster that swept the world when Mr Jihad jumped on the 'lets suck Allah's ass' band wagon

Mr Jihad worked under Punj Music contract for three years he eventually skinned his contractors alive and started his own records company 'Jihad Damage Records'it was under this label that he released many of his albums. Jihad's musical career has also attracted alot of media attention, he has recently joined the 'Allah wants YOU!" campaign and has done several interviews with Time magazine, CNN and Paki Internation magazine.


The cover to his debut album 'Mr Jihad', the album that caused the political movement resulting in 'annual mass tax evasion day'
The cover for his fourth album 'Sleep now in the phosphorus', the album released in responce to his outrage at Andre The Giant's 'Pussy Stubble Incident'
  • 'Mr Jihad' (Debut)
  • 'Origina'
  • 'Jesus was a muslim'
  • 'Sleep now in the phosphorus'
  • 'you, me and mustard gas'
  • '911 straight to heaven'
  • 'A beard is da best'
  • 'Gueriraqi Radio' - Featuring Rage Against The Machine
  • 'Go To Sleep, The Pakis Weep'
  • '3 Dollars and some change'
  • 'I bombed the US and all i got was this lousy record deal'
  • 'iN aImG nGotE raRcist'
  • 'War in the streets of suburbian persia'